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We are changing some support dates for certain versions that will be an exception to the general BMC support policy.


Due to the obsolescence of some 3rd party components included in these versions, we are making the following changes:

  • BCM v12.5 will enter Limited Support status on December 31, 2018, because after this date, BMC is not able to provide patch management content updates for this version
  • BCM v12.1 and v12.5 end of version support will be aligned to v12.0. Limited support for these versions will therefore end on September 23, 2019


Please visit the Supported Versions of BMC Client Management page for details on BMC Client Management version support dates.


What is Limited Support?When a Product release enters Limited Support:

  • New enhancements will not be made to the version or release.
  • Customer Support will direct customers to existing fixes, patches, or workarounds applicable to the reported case.
  • BMC Software will develop new hot fixes for problems of high technical impact or business exposure for customers. With customer input, BMC Software will determine the degree of impact and exposure and the consequent activities.
  • Customer Support will direct customers to upgrade to a more current version, release, or service pack of the product.
  • The Patch Knowledge Base will not be updated anymore
  • The Software Catalog will not be updated anymore
  • The Security Product Knowledge Base will not be updated anymore


Upgrading BMC Client Management

We strongly recommend that you upgrade if you are on any previous versions of BMC Client Management 11.x, 12.0, 12.1, or 12.5. For details about the upgrade procedure, see the Upgrading BMC Client Management page.


Getting assistance

If you have any questions about the support update, please visit BMC Support Central, contact BMC Software Customer Support at  800 537 1813 (United States or Canada) or call your local support center.