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We have found some issues with patch management when upgrading to BCM 12.6.


September 22, 2017 Update: The fix ( BCM 12.6.0 Patch 1 (BuildNumber 170915o) is now available on the BMC electronic product download site.  Support Central - BMC Software


Here are the items we have found, including one workaround.

DRZKZ-1572 - After upgrading to 12.6 Patch Management Database update fails on Patch Manager with Bulk Products Error

  *  Workaround:  The workaround is to run a sql script each time the master starts.  This can be done using the Sqlrun section of the Vision64database.

DRZKZ-1564 - SQL Errors on Patch Job evaluation after 12.6 upgrade and first Patch KB update

DRZKZ-1563 - SQL error on PatchLanguages table during 12.6 upgrade

DRZKZ-1560 - After upgrade 12.5 -> 12.6, it is not possible to change the patch manager

DRZKZ-1589 - Some patches downloaded previously to the upgrade are not installable

DRZKZ-1590 - Service pack Ids are not matching anymore after upgrade to 12.6