This article will reference cumulative hotfixes (OneOff) for BMC Client Management and updates for Atrium Integrator every time a new one will be released and until this idea has been implemented..


Note that the release notes actually only list the latest hotfixes that were added to this cumulative hotfix but that all the previously released hotfixes for the major version you are using will also be included in it. Check the previous release notes to find out which hotfixes are also in the cumulative hotfix you will be applying.


If you don't know how to download these updates and update, these documents might be useful to you:

- How to download BMC Client Management hotfixes from


BMC Client Management 12.6

- Hotfix 1 - 170915o (2017, Sept 22): Release Note



BMC Client Management 12.5

- Hotfix 4 - 170414n (2017, April 14): Release Note

- Hotfix 5 - 170512j (2017, May 5): Release Note

- Hotfix 6 - 170522r (2017, May 22): Release Note


BMC Client Management 12.1

- Hotfix 6 - 170425w (2017, April 25): Release Note


BMC Client Management 12.0

- Hotfix 16 - 170427v  (2017 , April 27): Release note


BMC Client Management 11.7

- Hotfix 21 161122m (2016, November 22): Release Note




Atrium integrator

- 1.6.00 - Release Note

- 160304i and 161209i - Release Note



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