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Have you ever wanted to be famous? Revered by all for your knowledge, skill...and of course good looks?  Okay, okay...stop daydreaming, come back to the blog post and keep reading.


While this may not win you an Oscar or a Grammy, presenting at the upcoming BMC Engage conference this fall in Orlando is a great way to share the great work you do day-in and day-out with your peers and colleagues.


Think about it:

  • How did your migration of Windows 7 go?  Are you done yet and if not, how are you working to ensure systems and networks are protected? There are many out there in need of your guidance on just that.
  • Maybe you were tasked with automating your software license management to avoid another failed audit or head one off at the pass - what tips and tricks did you take away from that?
  • Maybe it is your story for how you got management on board with an automated asset inventory solution to begin with - and better yet, how you keep "the project" going (realizing that this is a forever sort of thing and not just a we did it and move on sort of thing).
  • Have you worked on a project that called for coordinating multiple functions and technologies that runs like clockwork now? - Tell your story and how you and your team achieved success.


Whatever you've been up to there are many in our industry who will be in Orlando and want to hear about it.  Share your knowledge, expertise, experience (and yes, fabulous good looks).  Submit for a speaking session at BMC Engage this fall!


To submit go to - BMC Engage 2014 - Call For Papers Home Engage logo.png

Simply create an account (creating the account doesn't mean you're in hook, line and sinker, but it gets you to more information and the quick form to submit your session details) and you're a quarter of the way there!  Don't wait too long....the call for papers closes on June 19th!


For more information on the conference check out this latest release.


I hope to see several submissions from our Asset Core customers - I have had the pleasure during the last year to meet many of you and no question you are a phenomenal group!  I can't wait to meet many more of you in Orlando!