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While we are always working to better and further Asset Core for all of our stakeholders, your feedback as a user is one of the more important pieces we can take into account as part of the process of bringing a new version to market.


That said...I am pleased to let you know that the BMC FootPrints Asset Core product and development teams have just kicked off the latest beta program.


If you are interested please visit the beta site: and request to join the beta program.


I will be notified that you have opted in and contact you in the event we still need a signed beta agreement on file.  Once the paperwork - and yes, the first time you participate in an on-premise beta program with BMC there is some paperwork - you will be added to the site and go from there!  (If you have previously participated in FootPrints beta programs under the Numara company name we'll need an updated agreement signed.)


This beta program is currently open and set to run through October 10th.


If you have any questions or comments please let me know.  Otherwise I'll be looking for you on the FootPrints Asset Core beta site!