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abdallah hamaydeh
We send a message box to the local client which informs the user of Policies that will be taken. Is it possible to attached PDF or Hyperlink?   This step allows the user to acknowledge information… (Show more)
in Client Management
Sarita Patil
Hi All,   I am using BCM 12.1.   I have created a custom package for MS visio 2013 installation. Followed every steps mentioned in Software deployment document. But when I deployed that package,… (Show more)
in Client Management
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Client Management COMPONENT:…
in Client Management
Lionel Elziere
This document explains how to deploy the Windows 10 versions (1511, 1607, 1703 or 1709) by using the BCM Patch Management feature. Installation on premise and SaaS cases are covered in this…
in Client Management
Steve Gibbs
It would be great if their was a OOB Operational Rule that could add a device to a MS Domain. I know we could do this using a script and NETDOM but that would store the credentials required to join…
Rajendra Kathole
It will be great if we are able to sync the users and device group from the Azure management console.
Steve Martinez
When you get the patch reboot dialog window, and select MINIMIZE, it goes down into a useless block at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile the time is still running and when it runs out it just pops…
Jacob Olesen
Hi   i have some devices when i run the OR step "Update knowledge base" i get this error in the OR LOG: Execution Phase: Step 0: patchmgmtpremiumconfigfileupdate.chl failed with error :… (Show more)
in Client Management
Sarita Patil
Hi All,   I am using BCM 12.7.   I can see agent status is Installed but the agent system is not populating in client systems. PFB screenshot for reference. If I restarted the agent rollout for… (Show more)
in Client Management
Dominik Kress
As an extension to the Patch Jobs it would be great to set a timer value for a delay of the automatic patch deployment.   Within the Patch-Jobs you will set up the rules for the automatic deployment…
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