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Announcement 1 Important notice for BMC Client Management customers using patch management
Announcement:Important notice for BMC Client Management customers using patch management
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Akash Vekhande
Dear all,   In our environment we have to create 20,000+ device groups and assign query's to all device groups.   Manual work take too much time is there any alternate way to create device group… (Show more)
in Client Management
When we take remote control, we can use an account that does not have the required rights to do specific actions. The idea is to enable the possibility to connect to the machine during the current…
It would be nice to edit OS WIM image from the console, browse the file structure and make some changes like adding, modifying files (for example: new exe of BCM Agent...).
Ninad More
When the Rollout gets assigned to the target and if the File Copying gets started and the Agent file gets copied and updated in every 15 minutes, no matter how slow it is, it will stay in the "Update…
Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   I find it extremely amazing that there is no OOTB method to deploy the BCM Agent directly after the OSD from the console. Either the devices are detected after the next scan or you have to…
Creton Fabrice
When a request of take control on demand the message that contains the link is in English only. To be able to use this new service we need to personalize the message in French.
Lionel ROCHA
Today there is a file size limit to edit a file in live during direct access (right clic - edit). It will be interesting to increase this limit, or to be able to configure this limit in user…
Derek Morrison
The first field that prompted this request is the Description field for computers records in Active Directory.  We keep useful information in there and would love to see that synced to the device in…
Steve Gibbs
Many years ago this product had the option of adding a Vulnerability Module to Client Management under the Name "BMC Footprints Vulnerability Scanner". The original EOL (End of Life) was 8/2014 for…
Alessandro Ghezzi
In the Asset Core console the sorting on the columns that contain IP addresses is a simple alphabetical sorting:     It would be nice to have the ip addresses sort by numbers:…
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