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Steve Gibbs
Many customers would like to create a Device Group or Report showing devices that have not rebooted for X amount of DAYS. The BCM DB stores this data in a STRING field so the ability to use the  ADD…
in Client Management
Larry Clevenger
Does 12.0 have the ablility to remote Windows 10? We have problems currently with display issues not showing the whole screen and invisible mouse.
in Client Management
Gavin Ross
I created a free form query that gave me a list of devices that have not rebooted in over a week. I want to use the same query to create a Device Group so I can then use an operational rule to reboot… (Show more)
in Client Management
Sarita Patil
Hi All,   I am using BCM 12.5.   I have configured Master server as patch manager. Also, configured proxy.   I have updated the patch manager and it was successfully updated. When I try to find… (Show more)
in Client Management
Philipp Ernicke
Hello,     we use Acrobat CC products. After the uninstall of all CC products, the workstation (screenshot) is still listed in groups which shows PCs with installed CC products.   So I took a look… (Show more)
in Client Management
Jason Lehman
Is it possible to get a notification (email maybe) when a off premise device comes back online?
in Client Management
Michael Wong
Is there a way to put a hyperlink in a user message box?
in Client Management
Jose Sereno Perez
Hello,   we need to implement a chilli script to delete a folder "UI" from client management agent.   it is because the custommer dont want the localhost page of the agent, and they want to remove… (Show more)
in Client Management
Christopher Casmedes
I've seen some of my devices with agent installed also appear under discovered devices.  If the device has an agent installed, it shouldn't appear in discovered devices, correct?  Thanks in advance!… (Show more)
in Client Management
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