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Announcement 1 What is Autonomous Digital Enterprise? BMC CTO Ram Chakravarti Explains
Announcement 2 Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Getting started with Asset Discovery and rolling out the BCM Agent WebinarAnnouncement count
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abdallah hamaydeh
We are planning to push the client on 2000 devices, how can we specify a group of devices under each relay server? what is the right steps to have each relay own group device not communicate with the… (Show more)
in Client Management
Jeremy Goodner
It sure would be nice if Linux relays could deploy agents to Windows machines. This lack of ability kind of negates the purpose of having a relay to a degree.   Thanks,   Jeremy
Steve Gibbs
In the Activate and Upload steps under Event Log Manager there remains items that have been deprecated or are no longer supported. To avoid confusion these items should be removed.         In…
Nick Rawlins
Currently you can only 'Edit' a text file using direct access.   It would be really useful if you could create a new file on the device, for situations such as creating .sh files on linux and also…
Steve Gibbs
I have a customer that asked why is Pidgin not showing in Software Inventory? I was and still am not able to answer that question. I ran a WMI query to see if it was registered in "Products and… (Show more)
in Client Management
Steve Gibbs
I was working with a customer the other day and in troubleshooting some issues they were having we discovered that there were no firewall rules in the Inbound rules for BMC Client Management. This…
in Client Management
Alex Vargas
Monitored applications should have the option to create application white list.   Would like to create a list of allowed applications that can run on a users computer and then have Asset Core block…
Bonjour, Pouvez-me vous me dire quelle est la bonne pratique de déploiement de mise à jour pour le pack office 365, en réseau local avec outils BMC ? Actuellement BMC Client Management 12.9,… (Show more)
in Client Management
Steve Gibbs
In an effort to stay competitive with other products in this space it would add great value if BCM would use the "Host ID" field (Devices Serial Number) and gather the Warranty Expiration Number…
Raul Caballero
I’ve distributed software before but have forgotten if you can execute program as system. Is it possible in both OR and MyApps? If so how is it done. There is very little documentation on this and… (Show more)
in Client Management
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