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Lionel ROCHA
Good Morning,   I would: 1. get an application's path from inventory 2. check value from ini's file since this path   Any solution ?   Thanks you
in Client Management
James Hemond
Currently only Template Based reports can be created as a PDF file.  It would be good to be able to allow Style Based reports to be created as PDF files so that custom created reports would have this…
Alessandro Ghezzi
When a file is copied using the File Transfer feature (inside a Remote control session or using the Direct Access) the datetime of the transferred files on the destination device is not the original…
Eric Hazeltine
Currently, there is not an easy way to build a query based on the status field as it appears on the Assigned Devices tab of a patch job. This type of query would be helpful with provisioning new…
Steve van der Merwe
Good day   I have a scenario for the server patch environment where I need to know in a report all the patches that was applied during the last patch execution.   Currently I am unable to draw such…
Nathan Bowers
Support has had multiple requests to restore the original colored icons or add a setting to toggle colorization of the icons within the 12.1 console. The monochrome icons make it more difficult to…
Philipp Ernicke
Good Morning,     Is there a step to unlock the service? Maybe at Agent Configuration? If so I cant find it.   Thanks for your help.
in Client Management
Dan Cunningham
For example, my InfoSec team requires that all security patches are being installed, thus I have to choose all severity levels under patch criteria. At the same time I would like to install non…
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