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Announcement 1 BMC Client Management 12.8 is now available!
Announcement:BMC Client Management 12.8 is now available!
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Tat Teong Tan
Can BCM discovery the all local users ID and whether is it enable or disable at the end points?
in Client Management
Steve Gibbs
In an effort to stay competitive with other products in this space it would add great value if BCM would use the "Host ID" field (Devices Serial Number) and gather the Warranty Expiration Number…
Joshua Fredrickson
I use the Verify File Existence operational rule step to gather a list of PST on the local C drive and put that data into a Custom Inventory object. It does an amazing job at getting the list of…
Dominik Kress
Hi,   With the Upgrade to V12.1 of BCM the "Reboot Windows" is a new feature. At the moment this Reboot Windows will affect the Remote Management Module (Direct Access Tools -> Reboot) and the Patch…
Dominik Kress
Hi all,   Since 12.1 we have the option to only reboot a device if the patch needs a reboot to be applied.   It would be great to have an option to inform the user that the patches have been…
Thomas Baird
As a MSP, the BMC Client Management Patch Management console has some shortcomings that make it difficult to meet our customer’s needs.  Let me first describe how we would like patching to work for…
Dominik Kress
Dear Community,   EDIT based on the comments of this idea.   Whenever any existing query is edited which is used to populate a device group which has assigned objects like operational rule there…
Julien Devienne
The idea would be to display information on the current user extracted from the active directory be displayed onto the device in the console.
Steve Gibbs
I had another customer make changes to an existing query that populated a device group that had an Op Rule assigned.  End result was he ended up installing a PREMIUM software package to "A Lot" of…
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