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Announcement 1 Important notice for BMC Client Management customers using patch management
Announcement:Important notice for BMC Client Management customers using patch management
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Steve Gibbs
Since more and more customers have dropped Windows 7 and moved to Windows 10 and using UEFI they have also adopted BitLocker as default encryption tool. I would suggest creating a NEW OOTB Op Rule…
Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   I updated my BCM test environment on a linux server from 12.8.3 to 12.9.1. Now it is BMC Helix Client Management on all BCM logos within the console.   My windows 12.9.1 environment is… (Show more)
in Client Management
Bonjour,   durant le déploiement de l'agent sur des postes distant dans un réseau disant je reçois le l'erreur _ERRORCODE_3221225781_ par contre quand je lance le déploiement sur des postes dans le… (Show more)
in Client Management
Steve Gibbs
Currently there is no way to automate the Import Device using a CSV file. An admin must perform this task manually.  Customers that add "Additional Device Attributes" or wish to add FAM data using…
Romuald Bois
Hi all,   The idea would be that based on the SNMP information we should be able to retrieve the amount of copies a network printer has printed yet and show it as an inventory.     Best regards  …
Julien Devienne
If a device is behind a NAT then it will appear in the Client Management console as having the IP Address of the NAT instead of it's actual local IP address of the device.  Additional details on this…
Jason Tracy
I called in to support as I was unable to find a way to turn on an alert if one of my relays was no longer communicating...they were unable to provide a solution beyond setting up an OP rule check on…
Ryan Schweppe
Currently, there isn't a way to disable the web login via URL (https://"hostname":1610/login) in the console.  The only workaround is to delete or rename the ../ui/login folder.  It would be helpful…
Sai Kumar Manepu
When deploying through USB, If the hard drive of the target device is damaged or not picked up by bios for some reason the deployment do not err it formats the USB that we are using for deployment.
Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   I have a change proposal regarding the PatchJob status name in German. In English it is called "Execution pending" and in German "Am Ausführen" which means "Executing". Since this suggests a…
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