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Announcement 1 BMC Client Management version 20.08 is now available!
Announcement:BMC Client Management version 20.08 is now available!
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Alessandro Ghezzi
Now the same logic operator (AND/OR) is applied to all criteria in a query. It would be wonderful having the same logic used by the Compliance policies where every "Criteria" is a set of condition…
Philipp Ernicke
Hi,   It is 'not planned' to make it possible to create multiple partions on more than one disk (don't know why, great feature) so I ask you to implement a feature to have the option to format all…
Dominik Kress
Hi BCM Community,   Since V20.08 the Details column was added to the patch jobs. To enhance the use of this column and also to provide better informations for customers there should be 2 additional…
Grant Creighton
Currently BCM does not display the type or classification of a given pat and it's solely based on what is passed through in the PatchKB from Shavlik.   I would like to see the patch type details…
Ashraf Tadrous
How can I run/connect a CM remote support session on/to an asset that is physically located out of the organization network and is connected to the user-home Wi-Fi internet?   I can see the asset… (Show more)
in Client Management
Julien Devienne
Duplicate guids make devices "disappear" from time to time so inventories are not accurate, operational rules are not executed etc, and because of this customer will usually rely on support to…
Larry Clevenger
Has anyone else performed a rollout and received Failed to star the remote service errors?
in Client Management
Ninad More
Currently Remote Control and Direct Access has a different Acknowledgement settings. It will be better to have a third option or a check box allowing a combined Acknowledgement for both remote…
Julien Devienne
It is possible to set the patch management module of any device to download patches from the internet through a proxy, but this can only be done from the mtxagent.ini and not from the console.   It…
Eric Christensen
There are several reasons we prefer to have any type of system alert, warning, or report come from an account specifically created for the purpose. For instance, alert emails from our Anti-Virus…
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