• TSCO - SQL metics

    Interested in the ways our community has set up data pulls from SQL servers. Would like to pull SQL metrics into TSCO. What type of datasources were used to extract from. Pulled form a SQL monitoring tool? Or from the...
    Steve Lake
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  • VMware Vcenter Exractor Service Configuration - BMC TSCO

    Hi All,   I have completed Vcenter configuration in BMC TSCO and I am getting proper data, Now I want to restrict Couple of Virtual Server to populate data in BMC TSCO, So, in text File what all detail I need to...
    Manish Singh
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  • Is there a table that details how derived system statistics are calculated (ex. SUM, AVG, A/A, A/P)?

    I'm looking to validate the way derived systems were created in my environment vs the thresholds in their respective models. While this can be done through manual effort by comparing the derived system data vs the dat...
    Michael Kramer
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  • With TSCO 20.02 can I aggregate several systems together to generate one forecast?

    I have created a forecast for several systems which all have a separate output chart I would like a forecast averaging all the predictions into one output, does anyone know a workaround fro this when the there is no d...
    Candace Linthicum
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  • How to mark events on charts?

    Hello experts, On the analysis charts, how can I add an event line/label point? For example, on March 5th "office shutdown due to covid19". This should reflect for all systems and metrics. Something similar to https:...
    Joby Joseph
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  • Disable Process Statistics on linux agent

    Hш. How to disable agent gathering specific statistics, for example, on processes? The directory will fill up very quickly
    Mikhail Khromykh
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  • TSCO GWS script to identify and remove UDR data that has been left on remote agent nodes

    BMC TSCO Gateway Server(GWS) Linux script(attached) will identify and delete UDR data left on the TSCO agents older than a week. Only agents currently scheduled in the manager run are considered. Only the default co...
    Dima Seliverstov
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  • Generic - Tag CSV file parser

    Hello All,   I am planning to add Generic - Tag CSV file parser and I need your input on below paramter.   In CSV file I need to add ENTCATNM,DS_ENTNM,ENTNM,TAG,TAGTYPE,ENTTYPENM  attribute in-order t...
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC TSCO Presentation Console out of the Box Report Discussion

    Hello All,   I see below report present in TSPS, Do we have any documentation which explains how or on what formula data is populated for below parameters ?   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC TSCO - AIX Server

    Hello All,   For AIX System currently we are using agent based solution but we are observing disconnect from Server end due to which we are losing capacity data and we have to troubleshoot manually each and ever...
    Manish Singh
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  • Alert log - Email schedule BMC TSCO

    Hello All,   Is their any way to schedule alert log data on weekly or monthly basis ?   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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  • Vcenter Integration in BMC TSCO Console

    Hello All,   I have configured Vcenter in BMC TSCO using ETL Task :- VMWare vcenter Extractor Services but I see schedule option is N/A. So, do I need to schedule this ETL task or by default it runs every 24 hou...
    Manish Singh
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  • Capacity Optimization UX Study - you're invited!

    What Is It? Help us define the information architecture of BMC Capacity Optimization! The BMC UX team seeks your experience in organizing the content for BMC Capacity Optimization so that we can make our application e...
    Seth Paskin
    created by Seth Paskin
  • How do I create a datamart from an analysis for use in TSPS

    Since there is no template available in TSPS for presenting analysis results, I'd like to create a datamart from the analysis so that it can be presented via the Data Mart Explorer template in the TSPS.  I think ...
    Doug Kincaid
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  • Video tutorial for Moviri integrator HP NNMi <-> TrueSight Capacity Optimization?

    Hi Moviri Do you have any good, current, short videos showing how to install and configure the HP NNMi integrator into TrueSight Capacity Optimization? If not, would it be possible to whip one up pretty quickly? Than...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Has anybody built an ETL to IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager ?

    Hi, we have a lot of MS SQL Servers (> 1.000), but unfortunately the SQL team doesn't use SCOM for managing, but IDERA SQL diagnostic manager. Now we want to integrate MS SQL like Oracle OEM for special database a...
    Oliver Buering
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  • How to get the cluster level data for flexpod servers in TSCO as multiple SCVMM can't be configured in SCOM

    Current SCOM Production management group can integrate only one SCVMM infra, thus multiple SCVMM with SCOM can not be integrated as per the design. and current SCVMM infra in incompatible with flexpod and 2016 WS, so...
    Kratika Yadav
    created by Kratika Yadav
  • BMC TSCO - Report Schedule

    Hello All,   I have created Report and schedule to our DL but the auto trigger did not happened. So, out of couriosity I ran the report and once report was generated I saw that email was immediately triggered to...
    Manish Singh
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  • Create tag

    I am new to tsco.  does anyone have any step by step instruction to create tag?  I have version 20.02.00   Thank you  
    Angela King
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  • Hello, Lets take an example: usually in TSCO the utilization % in the Y axis will be in the format 0, 10, 20, 30 till 100. Is there any possibility of changing that format to 0,5,10,15...100?

    Hello, Lets take an example: usually in TSCO the utilization % in the Y axis will be in the format 0, 10, 20, 30 till 100. Is there any possibility of changing that format to 0,5,10,15...100?
    Chandan R
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