• Audit Your Filters - Easy Peasy

    I use a TON of filters.  Keeping them consistent is important, but I just cant be bothered to open them up to verify them, SO...   As the filters are 'facts in evidence in TSCO' they can be queried.  I...
    Ben Davies
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  • Filter Based Reporting with TrueSight Capacity Optimization

    We found ourselves in a conversation about TSCO reporting tools and techniques. I brought up this presentation, which was helpful in the conversation.   Hoping that others will find it helpful, we post it here f...
    Ben Davies
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  • Nutanix and Storage Integeration - BMC TSCO

    Hello All,   Is there any scope to perform Nutanix integeration in V_11.5.01 ? Is there any out of the Box ETL Module available for Storage integeration ?    
    Manish Singh
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  • How to query presentation server database

    Hello,   We want to be able to get a list of used TSCO datamarts in the Presentation Server and on which page they are being used.. This will help us delete datamarts in TSCO that are not being used.   Is ...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Support for vSphere 7.0 in TSCO 11.5

    We are looking to upgrade some of our vSphere environments to 7.0 over the next few months. Does anyone know when vSphere 7.0 will be supported for VMware vCenter ETLs in TSCO 11.5?
    Poppy Maxwell
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  • ETL Input file external validator

    Has anyone any experience using the ETL run configuration - File Location - Input file external validator option?   I want to use this to modify an input csv file before the ETL reads it, but there isn't any do...
    Richard Pougher
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  • Javascript for tagging sysnm

    Trying to set the value of a tag based on the start of the system name: -   if (!sysnm) {return;} else if (sysnm.match(/^JOB_/)) { out.add('BATCH') } else if (sysnm.match(/^JOB:OMVS/)) { out.add('OMVS') } ...
    Jim Waring
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  • TSCO Agent Installation - Error 9050

    Hi everyone, Has anyone come across this error during TSCO agent installation on windows OS, I've tested with both 11.5 and 20.02 versions; same error. Win - 2016 HDD - 100+ GB Free space My initial impression is ...
    Malusi Khoza
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  • Change analysis time range at report level

    We have many analysis (> 1000) created using the CPU Utilization template in the System Group and Core Package. The time rage for the analysis are all set to Last 30 days. Is there any way to create a report that w...
    Kevin Kupka
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  • How do I order the output of an Analysis that is a of Type "Last Values - Table"?

    How do I order the output of an Analysis that is a of Type "Last Values - Table"?   When I run the Analysis it looks to be in order by system name but when I include it in a report it is out of order.  I ca...
    Jane Case
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  • How to elude TSCO data gaps over SYS_CONF_VARIATION table problem?

    The issue is this, after loading Gateway agent data on TSCO I made queries about the DB and discovered inconsistency in the configuration data, more specifically in the data related to the 'BYLDISK_SIZE' and 'BYFS_SIZ...
    Luis Matos
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  • OpenStack ro_admin

    Hey.     I need to access OpenStack metrics.     from the documentation, the necessary level of rights is admin \ ro_admin.     In OpenStack (We are connecting to APIv3 https:// ******...
    Mikhail Khromykh
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  • using Presentation Server disaster recovery to do server operating system upgrade

    I'm part of TrueSight Capacity Optimization for a large installation, version 11.5   We have a cycle of Red Hat operating system upgrades, moving from RHEL 6 to 7.  The TrueSight Presentation server is part...
    Brad Hohenstreet
    created by Brad Hohenstreet
  • Is there any way to filter/whitelist devices in TrueSight Operations Management 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 extractor ETL?

    Is there any way to allow only particular devices to be displayed in TSCO while using the TSOM 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 extractor ETL?
    Sheena George
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  • Reordering the x axis of a category chart in TSPS

    I am using a category chart on a data mart explorer page in TSPS.  The chart is showing the number of VMs with each number of vCPUs and the categories are currently ordered 0, 1, 10, 12 etc as shown below.  ...
    Poppy Maxwell
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  • How can i monitor ISAM9 components in Truesight Capacity Optimization 11.3?

    How can i monitor ISAM9 components in Truesight Capacity Optimization 11.3?
    Evelyn Lanestosa
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  • How to extract Database configuration metrics from TSOM/PatrolAgent

    Hello Techies,   I want to have DB configuration metrics (DB Name, version SID etc..) from TSOM as same as there is an ETL for performance metrics to extract performance metrics from TSOM using JSON, which is in...
    Sachin Varshney
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  • Configuring TSCO start/stop service on Linux with systemd

    Has anyone been able to get the /etc/init.d/caplan script to work on a Linux system with systemd?   Environment: TSCO 20.02 - CHF6 RHEL7.8 Oracle Database VMware Guest systems   The caplan scr...
    David Deaderick
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  • After reinstalling the patrol agents of version the type of servers in the TSCO changed.

    In the TSCO there are several servers with type batch server. After reinstalling the patrol agents of version on these servers, the type of servers in the TSCO changed to Virtual Host - KVM. Why did this hap...
    Konstantin Melnikov
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  • TSCO Data API

    In Data API - Documentation for BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 20.02 - BMC Documentation  it states we can use TS and CS with CSV, RS, and XML.   Is this correct for posting new data  - if so can...
    Darryl Day
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