• Maximum number of Nodes for a Policy File

    Does anyone know if there is a maximum to the number of nodes that can be added to a manager run policy file? We're using TSCO v11.5   regards, Mike
    Michael Rees
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  • Requirement for higher granularity for exceptional servers

    We have a Business requirement to deliver reports for some servers at a higher granularity to analyze business peak periods (e.g. Christmas period). Data is collected by agents. We understand lowest spill interval ca...
    Oliver Buering
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  • OEM Custom Views in TSPS

    Hello,   Need to create Custom Views for Oracle Enterprise Manager ETL  in TSPS.   I tried to select the Fisible Data-Mart from the TCO console but not able to fetch data for Database server and Datab...
    Dewansh Jafrabadkar
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  • TSCO Gateway Server Missing the Investigate, Manager folders (Win Server)

    Hi, I need guidance on this issue. After gateway server installation/upgrade, the folders (Investigate, Manager) are missing. Any reason this could be happening and how can one resolve it. Thank you in advance. ...
    Malusi Khoza
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  • Timeout reached for OPEN ETL

    Hi.     Using a third-party jdbc driver, I'm trying to extract data. From the desktop, the request executes in 10 minutes.   When transferring a query to the creation of an OpenETL template, step 3 (...
    Mikhail Khromykh
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  • Why cant I make the Graphs in the Presentation Server a different size? I have one graph on the page. it is 3.5 cm high and 38cm long!!!

    Obviously Screen resolution has something to do with this but not being able to increase the size of the y axis makes the graphs unpresentable.   How can I get around this?
    Peter Davenport
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  • AWS Policy configuration Spot Data.

    Currently the AWS Policy has these actions      "cloudwatch:GetMetricData",    "cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics",    "cloudwatch:ListMetrics",    "ec2:DescribeVolumes", ...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Forecasted upper bound prediction band values

    Can anyone tell me if the upper prediction band values from a golden forecast model are stored in a database table or view?  The prediction band values are not included in the data table view of the output graph....
    Doug Kincaid
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  • regex in TSCO 11.5

    We've recently upgraded TSCO from 11.3 to 11.5, and I'm trying to setup a custom File Cleaner System Task to remove .done files from a workloads directory.   The .done files are stored in filesystem /opt/cpit/fi...
    Michael Rees
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  • webinvestigate command line options

    Is there anywhere that explains the -i and - t  options in detail ?    If I use webInvestigate getAgentHistoryMetricGroupDataList -A myserver_name -M "Cpu Statistics" -e 1557100800 -b 1557014400 -i...
    Darryl Day
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  • TrueSight Capacity Optimization  - Gartner Rating

    Dear Community Members ,   Do have any inputs on Gartner quadrant status of TrueSight Capacity Optimization   If yes do share the same , I could not find the exact link mentioning BMC  TrueSight Capaci...
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Web Investigate command line

    I've tried using the webInvestigate and GeneralManagerClient for "Cpu Statistics" it returns nothing unless I specify a processor id:   -p 'CPI ID' -q 'Equal To' -r 1    where 1 is the CPU ID - I ...
    Darryl Day
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  • Want to know do any ETL module is available for the integration in TCO with AppDynamics

    Hi All , Please let me know do we have any ETL module is available for the integration in TCO with AppDynamics for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.3.01
    Mohammed rahimuddin
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  • Generic Database extractor for SQL server DB

    I am looking for documentation on sql examples for using the Database extractor for a SQL server database to extract business driver data.   The only documentation from BMC is Generic - Database extractor - BMC ...
    Arthur Nigro
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  • TSCO 11.5 Questions for setting up ETL connector to Oracle DB

    We've just upgraded TSCO 11.3 to TSCO 11.5, and being relatively new to TSCO I have a question about an ETL connector to an Oracle DB...   I’m trying to setup an ETL connection to an Oracle Database, in th...
    Michael Rees
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  • Generic database extractor TSCO v11.3.01.001

    I'm about to test an ETL using the "Generic - Database extractor" to extract data from an Oracle database and wondered what TCP ports I needed to open on the firewall before I attempt the test, I'd also like to know i...
    Michael Rees
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  • TCO report for forecasting

    Hi,   I have a requirement to create a report for storage consumption (based on period selected by user, let say last 30 days) and present 30, 60 and 90 days forecasting for the same. collecting Storage data fro...
    Ravi Gupta
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  • What are derived rows in the Data Flow report?

    I see processed rows in the millions each day in the data flow report and after that a small number of derived rows. What are these? Documentation says that it is "the number of derived rows (sum)" so if anyone can el...
    Peter McGurk
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  • Does anyone have a copy of the Solarwinds Connector for TSCO?

    I'm looking for a copy of the Solarwinds TSCO connector from either Moviri or BMC, I've tried the Marketplace several times and haven't received an acknowledgement that my request is being processed.   regards, ...
    Michael Rees
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  • BCO Integration Studio will not activate a changed ETL

    Change to ETL compiled successfully but when I try to activate the ETL Module I receive the error 'The operation could not be performed due an error'.  I have done a test connection to ensure that I am connected ...
    Glynis Forrester
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