• ERROR - [red-sys-1020400] BCO_DH_ERR011: red-sys-launcher error detected

    2019-09-13 00:07:08,533 ERROR - [red-sys-1020400] BCO_DH_ERR011: red-sys-launcher error detected StackTrace: com.neptuny.cpit.querymanager.QueryException: DYNAMIC POSTGRES-23505 - ERROR: llave duplicada viola restric...
    Enrique Guerrero
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  • How do I add the "Connection parameters" to the configuration in a custom ETL?

    In Integration Studio using Java example as below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this.conf=cf; String dburl=conf.getProperty(Conf.PROP_EDBURL); //extract...
    Leo van Oudheusden
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  • Java version for Integration Studio 11.5 ?

    Wanted to know what version of java needs to be installed for Integration Studio to run ? Asking since didnt see any specifications on the docs : Installing and configuring Integration Studio - Documentation for BMC ...
    sameer sayed
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  • What email transfer agents are supported in TSCO?

    We're running TSCO 11.5 Service Pack 1, and I want to know what email transfer agents are supported by TSCO, for instance Postfix or something similar...?   Or does it depend on the Operating System, we host the...
    Michael Rees
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  • How to analyze TrueSight capacity optimization license usage report.

    Hi Team,   Please let me know how to analyze the generated license usage report of  TrueSight capacity optimization.   Regards, Hema
    Hemavathi BR
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  • Report parameter in result name

    Report template has execution parameters defined as shown in the screenshot   Customer wants to have the parameter appear in the result and file name. If we replace <param_name> with Parameter 0 name "a...
    Steffen Gruebler
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  • How do I set the last counter while debugging in Java Configuration?

    I have a Java ETL I'm creating in Integration Studio.  I'm trying to set the last counter for debugging purposes in the debug configuration and can't seem to figure it out.  It is always set to 'null' in the...
    Leo van Oudheusden
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  • SLQ to find works used in analysis datamart

    Hi,   I'm looking to find all the works used in all the Analysis Datamarts.   After our migration to the Presentation server there are a lot of redundant works so in an effort to tidy up I want to find a l...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Error creating gateway ETL

    Hi all   I have a problem with a gateway.   I can set up and it is active.     But ETLs are not created:     Looking at gateway logs, there are some messages that says that can no...
    Oscar Garcia
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  • Oracle Cloud data

    Hi team!   Is there some ETL to extract cost and performance data from Oracle Cloud?   Thanks
    Oscar Garcia
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  • ETL for Storage Huawei Oceanstore

    Hi,   Has anyone created an ETL to integrate either of these Storages ? *  Huawei OceanStore Dorado  AllFlash * Huawei OceanStore Hybrids   Regards, Jorge      
    Jorge Xifra
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  • Network monitoring tool

    the below tool is supported for TrueSight Capacity Optimization? either using Moviri /Sentry or any other market place tools   HPE intelligent Management Center Version : iMC 7.3
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • "4.x compatibility" in Gateway VIS files parser ETL

    Greetings experts   In a Gateway VIS files parser ETL, what is the difference between the options for "4.x compatibility"? How would the data differ? I couldn't find any documentation explaining them.   ...
    Joby Joseph
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  • Use TLS Connection BCO: Internal error. Please try later or contact administrator

    I am configuring BCO/TSCO 11.3 with LDAP but getting this error if i unchecked use TLS connection it passes.  Can someone please help ?
    Atul Matkar
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  • Integration Studio 11.5  birt report viewer show 'view does not exist'

    I am new to Integration Studio, version 11.5 : My dataset showed it finds the datamart without issue, but the birt report viewer show 'table or view does not exist', what I did wrong? The query is very simple select...
    Ching Shen
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  • Hyper-V license calculation

    Hi, I have a scenario regarding TSCO license: In my environment, I have a Hyper-V host with 7 VMs (3 are production and 4 are test). I have agents installed on the host and the 3 production VMs. My license report ...
    Joby Joseph
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  • TSCO - Cloud ETLs

    Has anyone configured TSCO to intercept data from AWS, Azure or Google?  Did you collect from on-prem (egress cost), or place the Server resources in the cloud?  What is your experience with this functionality?
    Jeff Rohde
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  • TSCO 11.5 installer blank screen

    Hi all.   I am trying to install TSCO 11.5 but installer just present a blank screen:       The same installer but for 11.3 version works perfectly:   I have Centos 7.4 and exporting th...
    Oscar Garcia
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  • TSCO 11.5 Gateway reinstall

    What are the caveat's to look out for if I were to re-install a TSCO 11.5 Gateway Server?   The reasoning around this is that the current Gateway Server was created in 2010 and since then it has been through man...
    Michael Rees
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  • How to define recommendation text

    I want my recommended Actions to read: -   /ORACLE/BP6/SAPDATA4 Reduce File System from 201.82 GB To 100.91 GB   Instead I get this: -   $alertPoint.details.getValue("Subresource") Reduce File System...
    Jim Waring
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