• TrueSight Capacity Optimization Database

    Hi. I have a BCO with postgres database but the database space is 99% used with 250 GB are there a way to calculate the space that I have to increase? or a way to free space in database?
    Ricardo Jerez de la Cruz
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  • Does the TSCO agent handle elastic scaling?

    I'm installing the TSCO agent on a Windows EC2 instance. The plan of our architects is to dynamically add additional instances to handle increases in demand. My question is how does TSCO handle this? It seems that if ...
    Mike Palombi
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  • How is CPU_EFFECTIVE_MHZ calculated  ?

    for VMware how is CPU_EFFECTIVE_MHZ at the cluster level
    Darryl Day
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  • Is it possible to display multiple different business drivers in 1 View page?

    We're displaying charts for business drivers over time for applications using the Business Driver Explorer View template in TSPS 11.3. However, I don't see a way to display multiple business drivers on the same page, ...
    Monica Sowers
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  • TSCO investigate and other API's

    Anyone got working example code they are willing to share  ?   I've scripted code in perl to call GenralManager client but now want to move on to made the calls pro grammatically in python to use it from o...
    Darryl Day
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  • TSCO - VMWare 6.7 Integration

    Hi all, Has anyone come across this issue while integrating TSCO with VMWare 6.7 environment. TSCO VERSION   Getting the below errors:   Oct 08, 2019 3:33:08 PM javax.xml.soap.FactoryFinder f...
    Malusi Khoza
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  • BMC TCO Upgrade

    Hello All,   I am new to BMC TCO and I have got the task to upgrade TCO from V_11 to V_11.X. Can anyone please provide the step to step up-gradation procedure for TCO, Just for your information, I have below en...
    Manish Singh
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  • Remove Nodes from agent lists and Capacity Views

    We're currently undertaking a large VIO decommission exercise, and I'd like to know how long will it take before the VIO nodes will disappear out of Capacity Views, or if there's a quick way of deleting them from the ...
    Michael Rees
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  • Removing ETL Engine from TSCO Status

    Hello,   We are upgrading an ETL engine and have decided to just create a new box rather than upgrade the existing box. The new box will have a new name.   We have uninstalled the ETL engine from the exist...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Displaying a Threshold in a View in TSCO 11.5

    Has anyone found a good solution for displaying thresholds for performance metric charts in their Views in TSCO 11.5? We are creating Views based on SQL data marts, and we can add a threshold line in the SQL (i.e. 90%...
    Monica Sowers
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  • Capacity Optimization Agent Configs

    Is there a way to see the configuration of an agent remotely ? e.g. via GeneralManagerClient or other API's ?   I'm interested in seeing configuration to identify if the agent has been amended and to check stat...
    Darryl Day
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  • Virtual Planner -- Vmware cluster -- new hardware sizing effort

    Use case. I am wanting to take a VMware cluster with 14 hosts with hardware type A and determine how may hosts are needed if we move to hardware B with a specific utilization for the new cluster. Current cluster is ru...
    Steve Lake
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  • Creating System Metric Delta chart?

    Hello,   Is there a way to create a system metric delta chart rather than the system metric chart?   For example I would like to see the Delta of CPU_UTILMHZ to see which servers have become active (there ...
    Peter Davenport
    created by Peter Davenport
  • Is there a way to pull the 95th percentile values and other data that is in a customized summary table view from the database to import it to another application?

    We are trying to get the values in a customized view, created from the Summary Table template, from the database.   Is there a way to do this?
    Betty Cross
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  • ERROR - [red-sys-1020400] BCO_DH_ERR011: red-sys-launcher error detected

    2019-09-13 00:07:08,533 ERROR - [red-sys-1020400] BCO_DH_ERR011: red-sys-launcher error detected StackTrace: com.neptuny.cpit.querymanager.QueryException: DYNAMIC POSTGRES-23505 - ERROR: llave duplicada viola restric...
    Enrique Guerrero
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  • How do I add the "Connection parameters" to the configuration in a custom ETL?

    In Integration Studio using Java example as below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this.conf=cf; String dburl=conf.getProperty(Conf.PROP_EDBURL); //extract...
    Leo van Oudheusden
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  • Java version for Integration Studio 11.5 ?

    Wanted to know what version of java needs to be installed for Integration Studio to run ? Asking since didnt see any specifications on the docs : Installing and configuring Integration Studio - Documentation for BMC ...
    sameer sayed
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  • What email transfer agents are supported in TSCO?

    We're running TSCO 11.5 Service Pack 1, and I want to know what email transfer agents are supported by TSCO, for instance Postfix or something similar...?   Or does it depend on the Operating System, we host the...
    Michael Rees
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  • How to analyze TrueSight capacity optimization license usage report.

    Hi Team,   Please let me know how to analyze the generated license usage report of  TrueSight capacity optimization.   Regards, Hema
    Hemavathi BR
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  • Report parameter in result name

    Report template has execution parameters defined as shown in the screenshot   Customer wants to have the parameter appear in the result and file name. If we replace <param_name> with Parameter 0 name "a...
    Steffen Gruebler
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