• TSCO Perceiver 10.7.00 errors - anyone seen these?

    The error received is null pointer exception and Servlet exception when attempting to create CPU and Memory Profile charts. 2019-06-05 14:59:43,688 [http-8080-2] INFO  com.bmc.qtv.servlets.Report2 - Exception jav...
    Ed Carrow
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  • Creating developing environment in TSCO

    Hi all   I have a production TSCO environment with postgresql.   I have installed a fresh environment for development purposes. In this environment I want to use Integration Studio and generate a custom BI...
    Oscar Garcia
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  • Custom ETL- Data-set Metrics identification

    Hi,   I am developing a custom ETL module for Solarwind.   Appreciate, if someone could help me to identify the correct Data-set and Metrics for below attributes:   FYI: these attributes are for devi...
    Ravi Gupta
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  • Generating PDF of a TSCO custom view in TSPS (automatically)

    Hi All. I have a custom view created for a customer. Inside this vies there are some pages.   I know that I can export each page from the Export PDF option.   Is there a way to do this automatically, expo...
    Oscar Garcia Andrade
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  • TrueSight Console - clear tag operation produces error - result too large?

    Surely someone has made the mistake of performing a "clear tag" in the TrueSight Custom view that removes all tag filters and results in the system attempting to refresh the screen with data from its entire datasource...
    Steve Burk
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  • Can we tag file system as 'System' or 'Application' in TSCO

    As a Capacity user, I know that some filesystems are more important than others. I would like to inquire if we can tag certain filesystems in 2 categories (i.e., System and Application).   Example (1) - Some f...
    Siddharth Misra
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  • Resizing TSPS graphs

    Because of the size of the graphs in TSPS some capacity graphs are difficult to read and currently there is no way for the administrator to amend the size.  This idea (Resizable TrueSight Presentation Server Grap...
    Martin Faulkner
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  • Great vid Justin, what can I do for you today?

    Justin Martin, just landed on this vid (thanks Andrea Gallo )   Exciting statements, thanks!   What can I do for you today on BMC Communities?
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • AIX Power8 VIO's SPECINT Setting

    I would like to know which reference Benchmark I use for IBM AIX Power8 VIO's, we're currently migrating from Power6 to Power8.   The current Power6 nodes are using SPECINTRATE2000, so should I update the benchm...
    Michael Rees
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  • Using custom analysis templates in a data mart explorer page on TSPS

    I am using a data mart explorer page on TSPS to produce a chart based on a data mart and would like to be able to use a custom template for the chart.  On other types of page such as a system data explorer I can ...
    Poppy Maxwell
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  • Hitachi Performance Advisor: Is there an ETA for HPA for TSCO?

    Hi,   We are moving from Tuning Manager to HPA. Looking for roadmap for HPA for TSCO.   Thanks Sudhakar
    Sudhakar Karuppaiah
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  • Filter by production and non-production clusters for a VMware ETL

    I'm importing data from a new vCenter and it is divided into production and non-production at the cluster level. What I'd like to do is filter out anything non-production using the "import filter" on the ETL.   ...
    Peter McGurk
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  • Is there any news on the next release of the BMC TS presentation server, I am hopeful of improved dashlets

    Is there any news on the next release of the BMC TS presentation server, I am hopeful of improved dashlets
    Jamil Hussain
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  • In AWS ETL why is EnableMetricCollection a write action?

    Hello,   In the AWS ETL Policy EnableMetricCollection is a write action.   Is it possible to exclude this and ask the app owners to instead ensure EnableMetricCollection is enabled without affecting the ET...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Maximum number of Nodes for a Policy File

    Does anyone know if there is a maximum to the number of nodes that can be added to a manager run policy file? We're using TSCO v11.5   regards, Mike
    Michael Rees
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  • Requirement for higher granularity for exceptional servers

    We have a Business requirement to deliver reports for some servers at a higher granularity to analyze business peak periods (e.g. Christmas period). Data is collected by agents. We understand lowest spill interval ca...
    Oliver Buering
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  • OEM Custom Views in TSPS

    Hello,   Need to create Custom Views for Oracle Enterprise Manager ETL  in TSPS.   I tried to select the Fisible Data-Mart from the TCO console but not able to fetch data for Database server and Datab...
    Dewansh Jafrabadkar
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  • TSCO Gateway Server Missing the Investigate, Manager folders (Win Server)

    Hi, I need guidance on this issue. After gateway server installation/upgrade, the folders (Investigate, Manager) are missing. Any reason this could be happening and how can one resolve it. Thank you in advance. ...
    Malusi Khoza
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  • Timeout reached for OPEN ETL

    Hi.     Using a third-party jdbc driver, I'm trying to extract data. From the desktop, the request executes in 10 minutes.   When transferring a query to the creation of an OpenETL template, step 3 (...
    Mikhail Khromykh
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  • Why cant I make the Graphs in the Presentation Server a different size? I have one graph on the page. it is 3.5 cm high and 38cm long!!!

    Obviously Screen resolution has something to do with this but not being able to increase the size of the y axis makes the graphs unpresentable.   How can I get around this?
    Peter Davenport
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