• BMC Helix Cost Control - Manifest Not Found

    Hello everyone. I'm using the Cost Control and a issue appeared on the manage connectors: There is no data at dashboards yet and I couldn't find any solution on documentation.   Is this common for Cost Contr...
    Ranses Marques
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  • COVID-19 impact on your job & network?

    Hey Capacity Managers Hope you and your families are healthy and safe. Physical quarantine is tough for many individuals and organizations. In my case, I've worked remote for a good percentage of my career, so work i...
    Seth Paskin
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  • Concern on Gateway Server - BMC TCO

    Hello All,   BMC TCO Gateway Console is installed on Windows servers and on regular basis we are getting alert that drive threshold has been reached, Please do delete the unwanted files from the drive. Can anyo...
    Manish Singh
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  • Oracle pugglable databases in TSCO

    Hi all, does TSCO load and manage pluggable databases (PDB and CDB) through Oracle Extractor ETLs?   Thank you for any feedback.
    Vincenzo Di Girolamo
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  • BMC Truesight Traffic Details

    Hello All,   Is it possible to gather data in GB, how much BMC Trusight Application server is processing every day ?   Regards, Manish Singh  
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC Helix Optimize and smart reporting

    Hi all.   Is Smart reporting included in BMC Helix Optimize?   Or which are the options for custom report templates. Is the BIRT interface available?   Thanks and regards
    Oscar Garcia
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  • TSCO - checkmk Integration

    Hi Good People, I just what to find out if anyone has ever done an integration for checkmk data into TSCO; specifically for server monitoring.   https://checkmk.com/   Regards
    Malusi Khoza
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  • CPU/memory configuration change report

    Looking for a way in TSCO 11.0/11.5 to identify servers via a daily report of servers that either the cpu or memory configuration change from the previous day.
    Steve Lake
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  • What metrics from Physical need to be imported to be used in CCC ?

    Hello All,   I am looking to import config and performance data for a few physical servers to be able to analyze the cloud shift cost, so wanted to know what metrics do i need to import to be able to do this ? ...
    sameer sayed
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  • Day Wise CPU and Memory Utilization Report

    Hello All,   Can we generate Day Wise CPU and Memory Utilization Report for all the servers present in environment ? Please help with the steps.   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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  • Not Able to Login using alias Name

    Hello All,   We have recently upgraded our BMC TCO Server and after that we are not able to login to presentation portal using Alias name, Please suggest how we can remediate this issue.   Server NameName:...
    Manish Singh
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  • Reordering the x axis of a category chart in TSPS

    I am using a category chart on a data mart explorer page in TSPS.  The chart is showing the number of VMs with each number of vCPUs and the categories are currently ordered 0, 1, 10, 12 etc as shown below.  ...
    Poppy Maxwell
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  • Import MSSQL KM Merics using “BMC - TrueSight Operations Management 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 Generic Extractor”

    Hello,   I want to import MSSQL KM Merics using “BMC - TrueSight Operations Management 10.1/10.5/10.7/11.0/11.3 Generic Extractor”, wher eI alredy have system created in TSCO for OS metrics and now I...
    Sachin Varshney
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  • Not able to launch the training for Truesight Capacity management

    HI   I am not able to launch the training listed under my profile against Truesight capacity Management.
    Kaushik Saha
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  • Leveraging TSCO to pull Oracle & SQL Dbase Information from TSIM?

    Hi   Anyone who has created a generic ETL in TSCO to connect to TSIM and pull out Oracle & SQL Dbase stats? I'm having problem where the tablespace usage is not mapped to its corresponding dbase instance for...
    Pedro De Castro Jr
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  • Error 9020

    Error 9020 while installing TSCo windows 2012 agent. how can i overcome this error
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  • Splitting a live Application Server between Multiple Computers.

    Hello,   It come time that we need to split our current live Truesight Application Server to increase performance.   We have read the documentation regarding splitting AS components between Multiple Comput...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Maintenance - Additional Package Query

    Hello All,   I see multple Additional Packages which are outdated and need to be updated for V_11.5.01. If I start the Upgrade for Additional Item does it require down time for System and also I wanted to unders...
    Manish Singh
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  • ./Cpit Status is Unknown - BMC TCO Application Server

    Hello All,   When I login to BMC TCO Application Server and try to gather ./cpit status or ./cpit start or ./cpit stop from /opt/bmc/BCO, I am not getting any output   Note:- BMCTCO Application portal i...
    Manish Singh
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  • Summary Table / Export Report

    Hi Team,   Is there a way to rearrange the columns in summary table and also show p95th values such as below:     At the moment, i am exporting the analysis chart to excel then manually compute p95th ...
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