• ./Cpit Status is Unknown - BMC TCO Application Server

    Hello All,   When I login to BMC TCO Application Server and try to gather ./cpit status or ./cpit start or ./cpit stop from /opt/bmc/BCO, I am not getting any output   Note:- BMCTCO Application portal i...
    Manish Singh
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  • Summary Table / Export Report

    Hi Team,   Is there a way to rearrange the columns in summary table and also show p95th values such as below:     At the moment, i am exporting the analysis chart to excel then manually compute p95th ...
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  • TSCO Vmware workstation Lab

    I'd like to build a TSCO lab in VMware Workstation, and do not have the Memory or CPU for RSSO and TSPS servers is there a way of installing TSCO by spoofing it has access to SSO and the Presentation Server?
    Michael Rees
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  • Displaying Events in a View in TSCO 11.5

    We are trying to display events in the performance metric charts in our Views in TSCO 11.5. In TSCO 10.7, we were able to display events by including them in the analysis, but they do not show up in the Views in 11.5....
    Monica Sowers
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  • TSCO whitelsit

    I want to include everything as follows   *wan*.*.com   example stevewan01.steve.com alwan02.al.com kenwan03.ken.com   I want any entry that matches *wan*.*.com where anything that come before wan...
    Steve Lake
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  • Reordering the x axis of a category chart in TSPS

    I am using a category chart on a data mart explorer page in TSPS.  The chart is showing the number of VMs with each number of vCPUs and the categories are currently ordered 0, 1, 10, 12 etc as shown below.  ...
    Poppy Maxwell
    created by Poppy Maxwell
  • Total Disk IO Read and Write Rate (Disk_Usage)

    what is the best practices, we need to mesured IO over disk ?     Best Regards
  • Can you import multiple CO Metrics with multiple subresources for the Splunk ETL?

    I am trying to import multiple system metrics using the Moviri - Splunk Generic Extractor for many services. I have multiple metrics that need to be brought in and each metric will have multiple subresources.   &...
    Arthur Nigro
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  • Best practices for reconciliation rules in TSCO

    Dear Experts ,   We have different sources of data coming in TSCO .   Each is creating entity and hence the duplication is happening.   While discussion someone said there should only one source for ...
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  • System creation for non existing server/device in TSCO

    Dear Experts ,   We have a use case where the device/server does not exist in TSCO as a system.   Hence the configuration data for that system is also not available in TSCO .   In a custom we want th...
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  • Is there a way to get OS end of Life from Discovery in TSCO

    Dear Experts,     As per BMC partner team , there is no way to get the os end of life data from BMC Discovery as per the ETL given by BMC .   Is there any other way by which this can be automated . &#...
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  • Migration of Application and ETL Server components to another server

    Hello All,   Currently We have Application and ETL Server installed on RHEL 7.7. As RHEL 7.7 is not supported So, we are planning to migrate the Application and ETL Server to RHEL 7.6. Please provide your input...
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC TCO - Report Gather

    Hello All,   Can you please provide your valuable suggestion, How we can gather the below report in best possible way via BMC TCO.   1. BMC TCO aggregate % CPU and RAM. 2. The Servers utilization should t...
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC Software License Compliance Product Usage

    Hello All,   Can you please guide me how I can pull report in below format :-   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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    Hi   I'm considering using the PV_SYS_DATA_ROLL view to provide a view of filesystem utilisation in a custom dashboard.   Can anyone tell me what process updates the SYS_DATA_ROLL table and how frequently ...
    Paul Nolan
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  • Agent Lists ETL VIS File Parser

    If I add a new Agent list to the Gateway Server, how does it select the right ETL Gateway VIS Files Parser, is it the most under-utilised?   We're running TSCO v11.5.01.001
    Michael Rees
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  • TSCO 11.5 - Ideas on SQL query which randomly hangs

    Hello All,   I have an SQL query using SQL developer to run against our TSCO database.   SELECT pv_system.name,       pv_sys_data_detail.avgvalue as USED_SPACE_PCT,   ...
    Brian K
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  • Need the infomation of Table names on the TSCO Database

    Hi Team, We need information of the table names to retrieve the basic metrics from the TSCO Database. Basically we are looking for the below metrics System performance : • CPU Utilization • Mem...
    Kshamadan Kalligudd
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  • 11.5.01 enhancements

    Hello All,   Currently we have BMC TCO V_11.0 Installed in our environment, We are planning to upgrade TCO Application to V_11.5.01 So, Can anyone point out Key enhancements which has been done from V_11.0 to V_...
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC TCO Client Installation - Unix Server

    Hello All,   I have a couple of Linux Server (14) on which firewall is enabled, but BMC TCO port (10128 and 6768) is listening. In which I can see 5 Servers are still not reporting to BMC TCO Console, What coul...
    Manish Singh
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