• Oracle Cloud data

    Hi team!   Is there some ETL to extract cost and performance data from Oracle Cloud?   Thanks
    Oscar Garcia
    created by Oscar Garcia
  • "4.x compatibility" in Gateway VIS files parser ETL

    Greetings experts   In a Gateway VIS files parser ETL, what is the difference between the options for "4.x compatibility"? How would the data differ? I couldn't find any documentation explaining them.   ...
    Joby Joseph
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  • Use TLS Connection BCO: Internal error. Please try later or contact administrator

    I am configuring BCO/TSCO 11.3 with LDAP but getting this error if i unchecked use TLS connection it passes.  Can someone please help ?
    Atul Matkar
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  • ETL for Storage Huawei Oceanstore

    Hi,   Has anyone created an ETL to integrate either of these Storages ? *  Huawei OceanStore Dorado  AllFlash * Huawei OceanStore Hybrids   Regards, Jorge      
    Jorge Xifra
    created by Jorge Xifra
  • Integration Studio 11.5  birt report viewer show 'view does not exist'

    I am new to Integration Studio, version 11.5 : My dataset showed it finds the datamart without issue, but the birt report viewer show 'table or view does not exist', what I did wrong? The query is very simple select...
    Ching Shen
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  • Hyper-V license calculation

    Hi, I have a scenario regarding TSCO license: In my environment, I have a Hyper-V host with 7 VMs (3 are production and 4 are test). I have agents installed on the host and the 3 production VMs. My license report ...
    Joby Joseph
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  • TSCO - Cloud ETLs

    Has anyone configured TSCO to intercept data from AWS, Azure or Google?  Did you collect from on-prem (egress cost), or place the Server resources in the cloud?  What is your experience with this functionality?
    Jeff Rohde
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  • TSCO 11.5 installer blank screen

    Hi all.   I am trying to install TSCO 11.5 but installer just present a blank screen:       The same installer but for 11.3 version works perfectly:   I have Centos 7.4 and exporting th...
    Oscar Garcia
    last modified by Oscar Garcia
  • TSCO 11.5 Gateway reinstall

    What are the caveat's to look out for if I were to re-install a TSCO 11.5 Gateway Server?   The reasoning around this is that the current Gateway Server was created in 2010 and since then it has been through man...
    Michael Rees
    last modified by Michael Rees
  • How to define recommendation text

    I want my recommended Actions to read: -   /ORACLE/BP6/SAPDATA4 Reduce File System from 201.82 GB To 100.91 GB   Instead I get this: -   $alertPoint.details.getValue("Subresource") Reduce File System...
    Jim Waring
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  • GCP and Stackdriver

    Hello,   In the documentation for 11.3.01 and the Google Cloud Platform one of the prerequisites is to Create a Stackdriver account.   Do we need to create a Stackdriver account specifically for TSCO to ex...
    Peter Davenport
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  • Accessing golden model data via API

    Hello All,   I am trying to access the data behind a golden model and would like to do it via API. While going through the documentation came across the following link. It walks through the parameters that are...
    sameer sayed
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  • Capacity Agent compatibility

    Hello Team,   I have  Truesight capacity optimization version 11.3 and need to install capacity agent on solaries 10 server.   But TSCO 10.5 supports capacity agent on solaries 10 server, so is capaci...
    Dewansh Jafrabadkar
    last modified by Dewansh Jafrabadkar
  • Extrapolation : Service demand line

    In creating an extrapolation method scenario this says The available configuration settings for an EM scenario are: Name: Name of the scenario Description: Brief description of the scenario Extrapolation method: (...
    Darryl Day
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  • Any way to plot actuals to forecasted values in a golden producer model?

    Is there currently a method for plotting actual values against the forecasted values of a golden producer time series forecast model within TSCO?  I'd like to validate the model results over time and provide conf...
    Doug Kincaid
    last modified by Doug Kincaid
  • Deleting Items in Maintenance > additional Packages

    I'd like to remove some Items from SYSTEM > Maintenance > Additional Packages in our Pre-Production TSCO environment as they aren't used anymore, but I can't see a way of carrying this out... Any Ideas?
    Michael Rees
    last modified by Michael Rees
  • TSCO - BMC Discovery 11.x Extractor Failures

    Hello good people, I'm trying to integrated TSCO with Discovery but getting errors as shown below. I just want to check if anyone has come across such errors or suggestions on how to deal with these failures. Thank ...
    Malusi Khoza
    last modified by Malusi Khoza
  • licensing report and cloud cost control

    Hello all   I have a doubt regarding the license report from TSCO 11.3     What is the difference between audit count and audit count distinct by name? Which one is used to be compared with the cust...
    Oscar Garcia
    last modified by Oscar Garcia
  • Converting Custom view from Presentation Server to BIRT report

    Hi Team   I have been working with a customer for a while. In presentation server, I have created some custom views.   We are interested in some information that you can obtain for the vmware view, for exa...
    Oscar Garcia
    last modified by Oscar Garcia
  • Has anyone used the Business Service view in 11.5 yet?  I have configured and still no data presents ... looking to understand what I did wrong.

    Has anyone used the Business Service view in 11.5 yet?  I have configured and still no data presents ... looking to understand what I did wrong.   I have data in the Console (optimization) with Business Ser...
    Jackie De Joe
    last modified by Jackie De Joe