• Can you import multiple CO Metrics with multiple subresources for the Splunk ETL?

    I am trying to import multiple system metrics using the Moviri - Splunk Generic Extractor for many services. I have multiple metrics that need to be brought in and each metric will have multiple subresources.   &...
    Arthur Nigro
    created by Arthur Nigro
  • TSCO 11.5 - Ideas on SQL query which randomly hangs

    Hello All,   I have an SQL query using SQL developer to run against our TSCO database.   SELECT pv_system.name,       pv_sys_data_detail.avgvalue as USED_SPACE_PCT,   ...
    Brian K
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  • Need the infomation of Table names on the TSCO Database

    Hi Team, We need information of the table names to retrieve the basic metrics from the TSCO Database. Basically we are looking for the below metrics System performance : • CPU Utilization • Mem...
    Kshamadan Kalligudd
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  • BMC TCO - Report Gather

    Hello All,   Can you please provide your valuable suggestion, How we can gather the below report in best possible way via BMC TCO.   1. BMC TCO aggregate % CPU and RAM. 2. The Servers utilization should t...
    Manish Singh
    created by Manish Singh
  • 11.5.01 enhancements

    Hello All,   Currently we have BMC TCO V_11.0 Installed in our environment, We are planning to upgrade TCO Application to V_11.5.01 So, Can anyone point out Key enhancements which has been done from V_11.0 to V_...
    Manish Singh
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  • BMC TCO Client Installation - Unix Server

    Hello All,   I have a couple of Linux Server (14) on which firewall is enabled, but BMC TCO port (10128 and 6768) is listening. In which I can see 5 Servers are still not reporting to BMC TCO Console, What coul...
    Manish Singh
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  • How to Delete tag permanently from TCO Application

    Hello All,   We have created one tag in past which need to be deleted permanently, Can anyone please let me know how this can be done ?   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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  • Azure Permissions :Is Storage Contributor role required ?

    Dear Experts,   My azure admin me that do we need to have Azure Permissions :Is Storage Contributor role required ? for Azure ETL to collect  in TSCO for Azure VM's   Regards Abhay   ...
    last modified by ABHAY BHAGAT
  • HyperV Checkpoints/Snapshots report/view using TSCO

    Dear Experts ,   Does Truesight capacity optimization has any view related to HyperV VM  snapshots/checkpoints ?     Can a report of  HyperV Checkpoints or snapshots can be generated from TS...
    last modified by ABHAY BHAGAT
  • Forecasting ASM Disk Groups

    We're using the OEM connector to pull data for Oracle ASM Disk Groups. The hierarchy accurately relates the disk groups to clusters, however because my organization has standardized all disk group names, when making a...
    Michael Kramer
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  • Why?

    Wonderful Day Dear Readers!   Thank you for investing your precious time in reading my content.   I have a question as why MSSQL is not used as a database component in TrueSight Capacity Optimization?, the...
    Ashish Kangaokar
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  • File System Utilization Report for All Servers

    Hello All,   Please clarify whether it is possible to pull utilization graph for a particular file system of a server from BMC TCO tool. If Possible kindly specify the steps.   Regards, Manish Singh
    Manish Singh
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  • Top 0; sum as OTHER; Stacked Area

    We are making a stacked area chart but only want zero items and everything summed as OTHER.   The best we can do is top 1 chart, sum as other, and make lower values the top-n direction.   While the...
    Ben Davies
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  • Leveraging TSCO to pull Oracle & SQL Dbase Information from TSIM?

    Hi   Anyone who has created a generic ETL in TSCO to connect to TSIM and pull out Oracle & SQL Dbase stats? I'm having problem where the tablespace usage is not mapped to its corresponding dbase instance for...
    Pedro De Castro Jr
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  • Is it possible to add additional metrics to derived systems using an ETL?

    I have several derived systems that were set up previously and I was hoping to add a configuration metric to the derived systems using a SQL ETL but the derived systems don't seem to be in an entity catalog or have an...
    Poppy Maxwell
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  • TSCO : Can we connect mongodb from TSCO and collect business driver metrices from the same

    TSCO : Can we connect mongodb from TSCO and collect business driver metrices from the same
    Abhay Bhagat
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  • Migration of Application and ETL Server components to another server

    Hello All,   Currently We have Application and ETL Server installed on RHEL 7.7. As RHEL 7.7 is not supported So, we are planning to migrate the Application and ETL Server to RHEL 7.6. Please provide your input...
    Manish Singh
    created by Manish Singh
  • TSCO 11.0 -- Query to pull back CPU Utilization metrics

    Need to pull CPU Utilization metrics directly form the TSCO 11.0 ORACLE database. Anyone have a query that does that
    Steve Lake
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  • Problem using "Generic - Database Extractor (Java)"

    Has anyone come across this issue...   Running version 11.5.01 of TSCO   We are using an ETL task which is a ‘Generic – Database Extractor (java)’ We are noticing for every 12:00 (midday...
    Michael Rees
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  • Datadog Extractor ETL

    Greetings,   Has anyone integrated Datadog metrics into TSCO so far?   Thanks
    Jacques Mony
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