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Hierarchies represent the relationships between BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization entities and are used to build a relation between two entities.

Typical hierarchical relations are:

  • A domain can be a parent of a system, or of a business driver, or of another domain.
  • A system can be a parent of another system.
  • A business driver can be a parent of another business driver.


Hierarchies help to address the following needs:

  • Grouping entities for assigning access rights to users in TSCO Workspace under Domains
  • Creating new derived metrics from existing metrics
  • Use systems from Hierarchy Rules in reports and analysis


There are two ways to modify the hierarchy by creating or breaking parent-child relationships:

  • Automatic: BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization automatically creates relationships based on a hierarchy rule that is applied either regularly or every time new data is added by a connector.
  • Manual: The user manually creates or breaks a relationship between two entities, for example, by adding or removing an entity from a domain.


An example of the automatic method is a hierarchy rule that places virtual machines under their virtual host. After the activation of this rule, a newly created virtual machine is automatically inserted into the hierarchy when new data is imported.

When an ETL module is created, an associated “Object relationships” hierarchy rule is created and activated. When the ETL runs, the hierarchy rule is scheduled to run after in order to create or update the relationships of the imported entities.

An entity should be always be managed by a hierarchy rule. Therefore, it is important to not perform operations which disconnects an entity as these can quickly become unmanageable.

In the following articles we’ll explore various situations where an incorrect operation can create entities that are hard to manage.

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