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1 - Open an “AMIGO: started” case with technical support, and include below data:

      • Type of environment (PROD, TEST, DEV, etc.)
      • Current TSCO version
      • Upgrade target version
      • Dataflow Report
      • TSCO database AWR report of last 24hrs (request to your DBA admin)
      • Aging configuration screenshot (Administration >DATA WAREHOUSE >Aging configuration)
      • Optional - Sizing Questionnaire (if planning to add workload)

2 - Make sure RSSO and TSPS are installed and functional.

      • Validate components are up and running:

$RSSO_HOME/bin/rsso server status

$TSPS_HOME/bin/tssh server status

      • Validate you can connect to RSSO and TSPS:

RSSO: https://rsso_server_name>:8048/rsso/admin/#

TSPS: https://<tsps_server_name>:8043/#/dashboard

3 - Execute the upgrade steps for the Application Server:





TSCO Upgrade - Best Practices

TSCO Upgrade - PreChecks

TSCO Upgrade - PostChecks

TSCO Upgrade - Common Questions