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  • Capture the logGrabber output from the TSCO Application Server and store it in your pc or server. In case any issue is presented after the upgrade we'll want to review the installation log and the DDL deployment logs, to ensure that the database scheme update has proceeded smoothly.  Problems can be detected and corrected at this point by that review that if we don't do it can present themselves as strange symptoms further down the line.
  • Once you finish the TSCO upgrade typically you'll want to install the latest Service Pack (same day/next day).
  • Once you upgrade the CHF, you will also require upgrading the Presentation Server plugin
  • If you have custom ETL’s created with Integration Studio (IS) you will require to upgrade IS and reimport the ETL packages.
  • If you are deploying sign certificates, you can find the steps on our TSCO documentation: Certificates





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