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Can RSSO and TSPS be deployed on the same server?

Yes, but for a PROD environment is required to have RSSO and TSPS on different servers.


Do I need to install latest CHF on my current TSCO version before proceeding to execute the upgrade?

Yes, is recommended to have latest CHF installed


Current version TSCO 10.0, I need to follow upgrade path 10.7 -> 11.5.01 -> 20.02, do I need to install TSPS and ASSO during my jump to 10.7?

No, you can install RSSO and TSPS versions that are supported with 11.5.01(which is the version that ask for the integration), and finally upgrade all components to 20.02.


If you have custom views that require to be migrated, then yes, you need to install 10.7 with TSPS and ASSO, in order to use the view migration toolkit.


In case of any issues during the upgrade, what will be the roll back plan?

Open a case with BMC support to validate the steps and track the reason of why we need to execute a roll back.

Confirm on the case next information:

  • backup of the Application Server filesystem and TSCO database.
  • Time it will take to fully restore the database backup, you can get this information from your DBA admin.


Can I integrate TSCO with and already deployed RSSO and TSPS that is currently integrated with TSOM?

Yes, you just need to validate that the version of the RSSO and TSPS are compatible with the version of TSCO you are planning to deploy.





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