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Thanks to everyone who attended the recent webinar about modeling network capacity to accommodate the surge in remote workers.  This is something that everyone (or nearly everyone) is experiencing at this time.


Our goal was to provide you with useful information that could help you mange the network capacity requirements at your company.   As  reminder, here are the use cases that we covered in the webinar:

  • Model your current bandwidth
  • Monitor your bandwidth use to detect if expansion is needed
  • Model business continuity scenarios
  • Monitor end user response for applications


For folks that were unable to attend the webinar or have co-workers that you would like to share it with, here is the link to the webinar recording.



Also, several people asked for a copy of the presentation from the webinar.

You can find it right here.


If you have questions that weren't asked/answered in the webinar, please post them in this Community.  Odds are -- others have the same or similar questions.

If there are other topics you would like for us to have a webinar on, please let us know.  Share them in the Comments section of this blog.