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We are very pleased to inform you that TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5.01 has been released and it is now available to you!


Key new features in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5.01 include:


  • Enhanced Google cloud support
    • A new out-of-the-box views for Google VM instancesis now available to allow you easily get visibility into capacity utilization and potential bottlenecks in GCP VMs capacity
    • Enhanced ETL modules to import Google data - GCP ETL has been enhanced to support data collection by using a single service account for multiple Google Cloud projects and to collect additional metrics for CPU, disk, and network entities.


  • Improved User Experience
    • Enhanced recommendation details  - Recommendations now include details related to criteria used for generating the recommendation, context charts and benefits summary to increase awareness in leveraging those precious actionable information to increase efficiency in your IT infrastructure
    • Datamart import/export - You can now export and import custom data marts and reuse them in multiple environments of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, without having to recreate them; for example, this enhancement can be of help in case of view migration from dev to prod environment
    • Custom rolling statistics creation - The Rolling Statistics tab is added to the Custom statistics page to display the predefined set of entities and metrics for out-of-the-box rolling statistics. You can also create custom rolling statistics for additional metrics to increase flexibility and effectiveness in managing your data
    • Domain filter enhancements - Domain filtering capabilities in capacity views has been enhanced .The domain filter page displays all the domains in your environment with pagination to effectively navigate through the domain pages and easily display the data of your interest
    • Enhancements to custom view templates:
      • Ability to configure the right Y-axis in the charts - You can now customize the metric parameters to enable the metric value to be displayed on the right Y-axis in page view templates including charts
      • Custom data marts can be now used to configure view pages based on Tree Map and Sunburst template
    • Enhanced Kubernetes view - You can now get visibility into Kubernetes pods, controllers, and containers.
    • Simplified Investigate Study creation
    • Enhanced manager run configuration for Gateway Server
    • Support for registering Capacity Agents using the API
    • Enhanced documentation - A new section, Implementing, is added to the documentation. It contains end-to-end use cases for different environments. The use cases describe how you can use TrueSight Capacity Optimization in your environment to meet your capacity management goals.


  • Extended Coverage for Data Collection
    • Metrics for Numa systems and HP IVM guests - The Capacity Agent can now collect metrics from Numa systems and additional metrics from HP IVM guests.
    • New ETL to import data from AppDynamics - The new AppDynamics ETL enables you to collect data from AppDynamics, which is an application performance monitoring solution for enterprise technologies and cloud-native environments.
    • Additional data sources for the Business Services view - Business Service view can be now populated also by levearing the integrations with Service Now, Dynatrace and Appdynamics
    • ETL module enhancements:
      • Hitachi Device Manager ETl has been enhanced to support data collection for physical disks
      • k8s data collection updates - Enhanced to support data collection from different Kubenetes controllers, such as Deployment, ReplicationController, ReplicaSet, StatefulSet, and DaemonSet.
      • Enhanced BMC - Atrium CMDB Integration
    • Extended software support:
      • Storage All-in-One ETL for TrueSight Capacity OptimizationIBM DS888x
        OpenStack API ExtractorRocky
        Oracle Enterprise Manager Extractor13c Release 3 (
        Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization - EntuityEntuity 17


  • Simplified Data Access Control
    • Enhanced ETL Development Kit - The ETL Development kit now allows you to modify existing ETL packages and activate or deactivate the packages without using Integration Studio.
    • Restricted access to public APIs - Access to the following public APIs is now restricted. As an administrator, you must provide the read or write permission to users for accessing these APIs.
    • New API key for programmatic access - You can now generate an API key that allows programmatic access to the TrueSight Capacity Optimization functionalities. You can use this key to authenticate users to connect to the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console in the following scenarios: 1) Activating the custom ETL package using the ETL Development Kit (EDK); 2) Calling the public APIs
    • Proxy support for Remote ETL Engine - The Remote ETL engine is enhanced to support proxy server configuration for communication between the Remote ETL Engine scheduler and the Application Server. For enabling the proxy server configuration, an additional screen is added in the AS and ETL Engine installer


  • Platform Updates
    •     RHEL 8 support for Capacity Agents
    •     Support for using multiple TrueSight Capacity Optimization instances with a single Presentation Server


  • and more....


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