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We are very excited to announce the release of TrueSight Cloud Cost Control 11.5, the cloud service expense management solution that optimizes costs and utilization for multi-cloud infrastructure services, providing insights and control over operating expenditures and budgets.



Key new features in TrueSight Cloud Cost Control 11.5 include:


  • New workflow to manage savings recommendations and automatically execute saving actions (for AWS)
    • Ability to leverage a supervised workflow to manage resource usage recommendations - As a capacity planner, you can now use the Resource usage page to take appropriate actions on idle VMs and overallocated VMs by reviewing recommendations. You can also decide to ignore the recommendations for example related to your business critical applications or include them in a list of committed recommendations to be shared with the appropriate stakeholders for execution
    • Ability to automatically execute recommendations for AWS VMs - For AWS VMs, you can now automatically execute generated recommendations for AWS VMs to optimize your AWS cloud expenditures.You can achieve this by integrating TrueSight Cloud Cost Control with TrueSight Cloud Cost Service. For more information, see Integrating with TrueSight Cloud Cost Service to enable automated implementation of recommendations.


  • Enhanced integrations - Enhanced integration for both AWS and Microsoft Azure has been also included in this version to improve the ability to manage public cloud resources being able to also automatically import related business services details:
    • New support for Azure GovCloud & AWS GovCloud


    • Enhanced support for AWS CloudWatch agent data collection - Simplified process of enabling the Cloud Watch agent on AWS to collect additional metrics for the AWS instances which allows to you to improve efficiency in the AWS cloud resources adoption being able to easily identify disk and memory bottlenecks and plan for memory upgrades and disk expansions to stick with planned budget for AWS resources




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