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We are very pleased to inform you that TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5 has been released and it is now available to you!


Key new features in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5 include:



  • New Business Service view - With this version, you will easily get visibility into capacity of your business services and service pools. The new Business Service view is a set of executive views displaying business service health from a capacity perspective which brings service-aware capacity planning to both the Capacity Planners as well as Executives, Managers and most importantly, Service Owners. 
Together with the Business Service View we have introduced a new concept called the “Service Pool” which is a group of resources that form an infrastructure or technology layer (tier) within an application or a business service to enable you to execute capacity planning from a consumer perspective rather than the resource provider perspective. These service pools are the foundation of computation for Application/Service tiers and upon which these new views are built.


  • New Containerized Capacity Agent - You will be now able to quickly and easily install a capacity agent in a containerized environment. This addition brings a simplified deployment and management of capacity data collection in containerized workflows.


  • Enriched Visualization capabilities:
    • Capacity Views Transformation - New and enhanced view pages templates have been included in this release to help you creating and structuring more powerful custom views in the TS Console with a minimal need of programming skills. In particular:
        • New Business Driver Data explorer template provides easy and dynamic visualisation of Business Driver metrics
        • Enhanced Data Mart Explorer template now supports category bar charts bringing more flexible ways to visualize the data leading to deeper insights and the ability to view a breakdown of data grouped by category thanks to category charts addition. Moreover, thanks to support for multi-chart type graphs you will be able visualize data in combined charts such as combine stacked and non-stacked metrics
    • Enhanced web-based Investigate tool - Role-based access control for Investigate study groups is now supported. You can now share your Investigate studies with other users. Administrators can grant access to specific Investigate study groups so that other users can view the associated Investigate studies.


  • Enhanced Integrations  - A number of important new and enhanced integrations have been released as part of 11.5 version to expand the coverage for capacity data collection.
    • New integrations:
        • BMC Discovery to allow Service-Aware capacity planning for Discovery users without the need of leveraging a CMDB.You can build business services from discovered entities or import manual groups as business services.You can use this data to analyze capacity at the business service, applications, and service pool levels.
        • ServiceNow, to bring in service topology and business drivers


    • Enhanced support for public cloud - Enhanced integration for both AWS and Microsoft Azure has been also included in this version to improve the ability to manage public cloud resources being able to also automatically import related business services details:
        • New support for Azure GovCloud & AWS GovCloud
        • Enhanced support for AWS CloudWatch agent data collection - Simplified process of enabling the Cloud Watch agent on AWS to collect additional metrics for the AWS instances which allows to you to improve efficiency in the AWS cloud resources adoption being able to easily identify disk and memory bottlenecks and plan for memory upgrades and disk expansions

    • Enhanced support for Databases - The Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager now supports ASM metrics


    • Enhanced support for Kubernetes:
        • New Kubernetes ETL via Prometheus API
        • Support for OpenShift in Kubernetes connector


    • Enhanced support for Storage:
      • Enhanced support for EMC XtremIO, Hitachi, and IBM storage
      • All-In-One Storage ETL for Dell EMC ScaleIO SAN, NetApp SolidFire, and Dell EMC VMAX


    • New utility for creation of custom-ETLs - The new ETL Development Kit enables you to create Java and Perl custom ETLs without using Integration Studio. For more information, see Developing custom ETLs.


  • Documentation enhancements
    • Redesigned documentation for Planning, Upgrading, and 5 high-priority ETLs
    • End-to-end use case topic for vSphere


  • and more....


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