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We are very happy to announce the release of TrueSight Cloud Cost Control 11.3.01, the cloud service expense management solution that optimizes costs and utilization for multi-cloud infrastructure services, providing insight and control over operating expenditures and budgets.




The 11.3.01 release is significant in many aspects. Key new features and enhancements include:


  • Cost Optimization with Resource Usage Recommendations for Multi-Cloud Virtual machines and Saving Scenarios for AWS Reserved Instances
    1. Multi-Cloud Environment - Easily view and analyze the idle and over-allocated virtual machines in your multi-cloud environment and use out-of-the-box recommendations to optimally utilize the environment and reduce your costs.
    2. AWS Reserved InstancesYou can now access summarized and detailed views of all the active reserved instances, whether shared or dedicated, in your infrastructure across all the accounts.reduce your on-demand costs by purchasing AWS reserved instances based on out-of-the-box recommendations. These recommendations are generated after analyzing the currently running on-demand instances across all your AWS accounts.


  • Create groups of resources using Cost Pools - The resources in a cost pool can be associated with a specific user, cost center, or department in your organization. You can also assign a budget, and restrict user access to a cost pool.


  • Proactive Cloud Budgeting comprising of capabilities such as Budget Allocation to a Business service and Cost pool, Cloud Cost Analysis against Budgets and Notifications for Budget OverageYou can now define budgets for your business services and cost pools based on a budget cycle, proactively analyze the cloud costs of your business services and cost pools against the defined budgets for a budget cycle and receive automatic notifications via emails about the performance of your business services and cost pools against the budgets.


  • Enhanced Cloud Migration Simulation with utilization behavior based on Embedded benchmarks for Public Clouds - The simulation process now measures and analyzes the historical resource utilization of the virtual machines to be migrated, and suggests the best or ideal-sized virtual machines on public clouds.


  • Gain visibility into your Google Cloud Infrastructure Costs - Analyze and forecast the infrastructure needs of your Google Cloud environment. Detailed views of the cost comparison between public cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure now include Google Cloud.



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