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Version 3.0 of the View Migration Toolkit for TrueSight Capacity Optimization it is now available! Updated installation package is attached to this page.

With release of TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) v11.0, as part of the  Capacity Views Transformation process, access to all capacity views (both out-of-the box views and custom views) is only allowed through the TrueSight console UI. For more information about the TrueSight console, see Accessing and navigating the TrueSight console .


Thanks to this important change, you will need to migrate your custom views to TrueSight console before upgrading to TSCO v11.0 to be able to continue to use them.


Attached here you find a View Migration Toolkit that will help you in migrating your custom views from the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console to the TrueSight console.


The View Migration Toolkit v3.0 requires:
  1. The source CO version (the CO instance from which view would be exported) to be TrueSight Capacity Optmization v10.7.01 with latest CHF installed
  2. The target CO version (the CO instance to which view i.e. “.viewpkg” file would be imported which is the result of running view migration tool) to be minimum TrueSight Capacity Optimization v11.5.01 with latest CHF installed



Migration process overview is displayed in the picture below:



  • The View Migration Toolkit is provided “as is” on the Capacity Optimization community, outside the scope of product maintenance and BMC Support.


  • Each view generated by the View Migration Toolkit must be intended as only a "skeleton" that could help the migration from pre-11.x views to 11.x views in the TrueSight console. It is expected that user intervention may be required in any of the pages to restore or enhance the view.
    • All the pages of the original view might not be fully migrated; some pages couldhave been partially converted or even not converted at all
    • Not all the features of the original view could have been converted
    • There is no guarantee that the behavior of the previous view is maintained
    • Some pages might need manual configurations to work properly



To start using the View Migration Toolkit download the attached zip file and un-zip it in a folder on your local. In the final folder you will find also a PDF document with instructions about how to use the tool.


For any questions, please post on the Capacity Optimization community to get answers from other users and TrueSight Capacity Optimization team.


Feel free to share your experience with us! Your opinion is very important to us!


Enjoy your migration!