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We are very excited to announce you that TrueSight Cloud Cost Control has been released and it is now available to you!


TrueSight Cloud Cost Control is a new cost management solution part of the TrueSight product family. It analyzes current and future costs and utilization of multi-cloud infrastructure services, which gives organizations insight and control over expenses. With a single view of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure spend, they can track and analyze costs and utilization, identify overspending, and forecast future costs.


BMC announced TrueSight Cloud Cost Control as one of the new solutions that will help customers in maximizing the benefits of the cloud. Click the following link and watch the replay of the announcement video from BMC at BMC Exchange 2017 - Keynote Presentation.



Key new features in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 include ability to:


  • Gain visibility into your multi-cloud infrastructure costs
    • Single-pane view of the actual and forecasted multi-cloud costs, at a monthly and yearly level.
    • Out-of-the-box cost reporting views - access summarized and detailed views of the cost comparison between your public cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and on-premises infrastructure, based on following dimensions: Cloud provider, Cloud service, Business service and Server


  • Create customized cloud reports based on business needs - Use the flexible filtering capability to create customized cost reports that can be exported and shared as needed. For example, track the top ten most expensive resources and identify unused resources, idle resources, or all costs and resources for a specific location.


  • Simulate the migration of your servers to the public cloud - Use the migration simulation feature to review and analyze the future cost estimates and cost trends of migrating your on-premises servers to the public cloud. This information can help you decide whether you should continue to use your on-premises servers, migrate them to a public cloud, or migrate them from one cloud to another.


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