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We are very pleased to inform you that TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 has been released and it is now available to you!





Key new features in TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 include:



  • Enhanced support for public cloud - With this version, thanks to the new best-practice view for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will be able to easily view and manage the capacity of your EC2 instances and EBS volumes. The views provide an overview of available capacity, utilization, trends, and residual capacity in terms of CPU, memory, and datastore utilization for each entity and automatically identify for you Idle EC2 Instances to help you increase efficiency in usage of public cloud resources and save money. Enhanced integration for both AWS and Microsoft Azure has been also included in this version to improve the ability to manage public cloud resources being able to also automatically import related business services details


  • Capacity Views Transformation - All capacity views (both out-of-the box views and custom views) are now available on TS Console UI. You will be able to access all your views from your mobile devices such as tablets. Moreover, you gain the ability to create and structure more powerful custom views in the mobile-ready UI with a minimal need of programming skills thanks to the addition of new view pages templates like visual map template and time forecasting template that have been released as part of  the feature pack 1 for TSCO 10.7. In addition to Capacity Pools view and best-practices views for Virtualized Environments, Hadoop, Storage and Network now also Cloud Views, Server Views and DataCenter view are available into the modern and interactive web-based UI which brings you enhanced capacity visibility and improved ability to optimize your infrastructure costs and reduce business risks thus achieving a significantly decrease in time to value


  • New web-based Investigate tool - The Investigate tool is now available in the modern, web-based TrueSight console, which you can access from a web browser or a mobile device. With the new simplified workflow of the Investigate tool, you can easily create charts and tables, known as investigate studies, to achieve the following goals:
    • Proactively watch the capacity and performance of your systems
    • View the capacity and performance data in near real-time
    • Perform ad-hoc troubleshooting and root-cause analysis for problems on a specific system


  • Support for Kubernetes - A new integration for Kubernetes provides you with the ability to manage your container resources orchestrated via Kubertenes. This integration allows you to extract both performance and configuration data across different components of the Kubernetes system. Also, it allows you to capture relationships and logical dependencies among entities such as clusters, nodes, namespaces, deployments, and pods. Along with the connector, a brand new best-practices view for Kubernetes is provided. Kubernetes view supports the Kubernetes cluster orchestration system, a leading solution to manage cloud-native containerized environments. You can leverage Kubernetes view to address some of most relevant challenges arising in containerized environments, including understanding the residual capacity, identifying bottleneck resources and predicting saturation dates both at the infrastructure level (cluster and nodes) and at the application level (deployments and pods)


  • Enhanced support for storage - Improved support for Storage with new integration for high-performance flash storage systems like Dell EMC Unity and Pure Storage and enhanced visiblity into storage capacity with support for Dell EMC Unity and Pure Storage in the best-practices Storage View


  • and more....


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