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One of the available options to manage user Authentication to TrueSight Capacity Optimization is the LDAP authentication mode.


This option allows the external users (users defined on LDAP servers) to access TrueSight Capacity Optimization. You can configure one or multiple LDAP domains, to authenticate users using different contexts on the same LDAP server or on different servers.


Click on the video preview below to start your learning experience! Please note, this video will show how to connect TrueSight Capacity Optimization to an LDAP server to automate user creation and password checking. This is Part 1 or a series of 2 short videos. Link to the Part 2 video is attached at the closing of this video.



Learn more at Configuring user authentication - BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7 - BMC Documentation


We hope you find this video helpful, if you have any questions or need help about how to configure LDAP aith mode in TrueSight Capacity Optimization just leave a comment so that we can help you!


In an effort to ensure you are maximizing your use of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, we created and published on the BMCdocs YouTube channel a  TrueSight Capacity Optimization - How to Videos playlist which now contains 90 videos and we will be highlightingone or a small group of how-to videos every week.  The goal of this Communities blog series is to help you leverage all of the features in the solution, show you how others are using the product today, and hopefully, teach you new ways to derive value from TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


We have kicked-off this new how-to video series on Dec, 29th. More details about that at: Happy New TrueSight Capacity Optimization Videos!!!


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