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Leverage the New TrueSight Capacity Optimization - How to Videos playlist to become a TrueSight Capacity Optimization guru!




Our goal is to help you easily use TrueSight Capacity Optimization's most powerful features. BMC's product experts, including value engineers and members of our R&D team, spent the last couple of months developing helpful, short how-to videos that show you how easy it is to use the most powerful and cool features included in TrueSight Capacity Optimization!


On our BMCdocs YouTube channel, you will find more than 80 new videos that will help you to become the 'guru'!


In an effort to ensure you are maximizing your use of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, we will be highlighting one or a small group of how-to videos every week.  The goal of this Communities blog series is to help you leverage all of the features in the solution, show you how others are using the product today, and hopefully, teach you new ways to derive value from TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


We'll kick off this new how-to video series today!  First up is Marco Bertoli's how-to video which shows you how to build a Capacity View in TrueSight Console by leveraging the System Detail template. The goal of this short, step-by-step video is to show you how to easily create a capacity view page with charts based on the System Detail template.  We hope you find Marco's video helpful, if you have any questions or need help creating a custom system detail page leave a comment so that we can help you!


We will see you next week with another how-to video!


For more how-to videos visit our playlist on BMC Docs YouTube channel.



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