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With the recent release of TrueSight Capacity Optimization v10.7, we introduced custom views templates and we are encouraging you as a customer to develop your custom views using the templates. More details at Adding and managing views in the TrueSight console - BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7 - BMC Documentation .

The new modern UI provides a new framework for custom view creation which brings you a simpler and modern methodology to implement your custom views. While existing custom views will still work in the TrueSight CO console UI we want to encourage you to start implementing new views and migrating your existing custom views on the TrueSight Console with the adoption of version 10.7 of TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


In an effort to ease and streamline the migration process of your custom views to the TrueSight Console, we are planning to develop a Custom View assessment utility


We need your help to build a great custom view assessment utility! Please send your custom views to tsco-beta-support


Here's a link to a short 'how-to' video that shows you how to export your views:


With your help we will be able to leverage great view examples as a basis to provide guidance (i.e. identify best fit with custom view templates and suggest the right migration path) to make your migration easy and smooth!


Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to your success!