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If you were not able to attend the webinar -- What's New in TrueSight Capacity Optimization v10.7 -- don't worry.  You can listen to the full recording of the webinar now by clicking here


The webinar speakers were Maria Riccelli, the technical marketing consultant for TrueSight Capacity Optimization and John Seifert, the product manager.  They discussed the new capabilities as well as demo'ed some of them.


Here is the overview of the new capabilities that were covered in the webinar.


1007 enhancements slide.png


At the end of the webinar, there were a LOT of questions.  Here are a few of them.  You can listen to the webinar to hear all of the Q&A, which lasted for about 15 minutes.


  • Is there support for Openstack, XEN and KVM virtualization environment as well?

Yes.  In fact we have supported Openstack, XEN and KVM for a while.    There is an ETL collector and views are in the TrueSight Capacity console.  We continue to enhance it these.


  • In the new custom views, can you request for any time frames (like Oct 1st through Oct 31st) instead of the canned ones
    previously available like 30 days, 7 day, etc.?

It depends.  If you are doing a SQL data mart, then you are using a specific time frame.  If you are doing charts and analysis, then just like the data explorer views, you can pick any date and range you want using the time filter.


  • Will custom view creation be available on mobile device?

Yes it is supported.


  • What would the level of effort be to migrate existing custom views to 10.7

It depends. There is no direct migration from the CO console to the presentation server.  We created the templates to make
it easier for you.  We are in the process of developing an assessment utility to help with this.  We plan to provide some assistance for this in the next release.


  • Does the licensing information fix the double counting of VMware clients from ESX and guest agents?

We added a field in the license reporting called -- unique by name.  If we find a duplicate name, we do not count it for this field.  You now have a total count of clients (regardless of name) and then then the total number of clients unique by name.



These are just some of the many questions asked and answered in the webinar.  Learn more about the TrueSight Capacity Optimization v10.7 release by listening to the recorded webinar now.  If you have questions after listening to the webinar, post them in this Community.


We would like to hear from you -- what do you think about the new capabilities in the v10.7 release?