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In TrueSight Capacity Optimization 9.x, sometimes systems or business driver metrics are not visible, or seem to have have disappeared. Still, you can find the systems using the BCO Search tool, but they are not visible in your workspace domain. How do you get them back?


One possibility is that the information has been hidden due to there being no current data. To remedy this try this simple procedure:


1.     Login into BCO with the credentials of the affected user, in this case we’re showing the Administrator user. If you are already logged in, by clicking on the "Home" link in the “Welcome ….” part of the screen from any other screen you will also be taken to the screen image shown below.


2.     Clicking on “Edit your profile” will present the screen below. UrProfile.jpg

3.     From the profile screen, check the Preferences section "Hide systems, business drivers and series without recent data" where there is an option to hide the data. The default is to hide data older than 30 days.


4.     Make sure the "Do not hide" is selected. If it's not selected, click the radio buttons for "Do not hide" and Save.


5.     This is a user setting, so this procedure needs to be repeated for every user affected, logging in with his credentials.



The above is information is also available at the BMC Support site as, BCO systems or business drivers metrics disappeared. Systems can be returned in the search tool in BCO but they are not visible in the workspace domain:


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