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BPA and BCO 9.5 have gone to general availability (GA), each with many improvements and fixes to make things easier, more functional, and we hope - more enjoyable to use


What’s New

If you have not had an opportunity to see what you’re missing – take a look and see what’s new, as well as what’s been fixed in version 9.5!


What’s Corrected

If you have been following a particular issue, the link below documents what has been corrected in this version.


Service Packs, Cumulative Patches & Hot Fixes

We have discovered a couple of defects that Support can provide a solution for, should they occur in your environment for Version 9.5. Fixes for these defects will be included in Cumulative Hot Fix #1 (CHF #1) available in mid-November. These issues are listed below:


KA404605: The Perform 9.5 Linux Console script gets msg, "INFO: No manager best1homes to migrate in version" during attempted Manager run migration, selecting Perform 9.0 console.


KA399092: In BPA 9.0 SP3 and BPA 9.5 when submitting a Manager run it incorrectly attempts to submit the run twice Best1Manager tries to schedule manual run twice


There is one other defect you should be aware of and may encounter in BPA 9.0 or 9.5 and if so, we have a work around for this: 


KA401975: The Perform version 9.0 b1config9000.main isn't properly upgrading the best1_V.V.VV path in the 7.5.10 $BEST1_HOME/local/setup/.ssh/config file when it migrated to 9.0.


The installation program for Performance Assurance 9.5 does not migrate the .ssh/config file from a 7.5.10 or 9.0 installations. There is also a problem with the 9.0 install, where it does not migrate from an existing 7.5.10 install.  Both releases will properly migrate from an earlier agent version (7.5.00 or earlier).

Understanding Versioning in Service Packs, Cumulative Patches and Hot Fixes

A recommended read is an article that explains the Service Pack, Cumulative Patch, and Hot Fix patch process, how, and where to obtain them entitled “ Cumulative Hot Fixes for BMC Capacity Optimization, BMC Performance Assurance, and BMC Performance Perceiver”



As before, the general product documentation is online for BPA and BCO has been updated, and it can be found at:


I will confess that when I first started using the online documentation, I was frustrated. I had known for years (through versions 7.x) where to look for things in the hardcopy or PDF and my, did I struggle with this. Fortunately, my location paralyses was short lived, and now find it much easier to locate things that I am looking for much faster.  Of course, we are continuously improving the content and this will make it even more useful and friendly.



Another confession I will make is that as a user of the products, prior to coming to the Technical Support group I was always confused as to what was supported and for how long. ….and never knew where to look for it! If you have ever found yourself in the same situation, this may help.


Software improvement is market driven and inevitable, which taken to mean in a somewhat casual sense, “out with the old and in with the new”, and older product versions will come to be out of support.  With this, unfortunately  L comes a certain amount of disruption at some point to anyone that uses a computer.


From a supportability perspective, it is unlikely Technical Support can provide a new fix developed for an out of support version of a product or component, as the development team is focused on supported and new releases.  Our recommendation will be to get to a supported version. Of course, this may not (does it ever?) fit your planning schedule or business needs. So, it is recommended that you to take the appropriate steps as soon as you can to get to a supported version of the product if you are no longer there.

Support Categories of Concern

Limited Support is the same as full support, with these exceptions:

·         No new patches or fixes will be created.

·         Technical Support will direct customers to existing fixes, patches, and workarounds applicable to the reported issue.

·         Technical Support will direct customers to upgrade to a more current version/release of the product as the solution to their problem in lieu of a patch or fix.

·         Research and Development will be engaged on critical issues only and on a limited basis for problem identification.

No Support

·         We provide no active technical support.

·         You can find some assistance online in our knowledge base as we will retain some of that information beyond the product version’s end-of-life.


Performance Assurance Support

With the release of BMC Performance Assurance 9.5, all versions 7.5.x are on limited support while version 7.4.10 is out of support. As a consequence, the BMC Capacity Optimization connectors to BMC Performance Assurance 7.5.x are now deprecated as well, and the connector to BMC Performance Assurance 7.4.10 is now dropped.

Capacity Optimization Support

With the release of BMC Capacity Optimization 9.5, Version 4.0 is out of support and Version 4.5 is in limited support.

BPA 7.5.10 and BCO 4.5 Maintenance

You can find out what Service Packs and Cumulative maintenance is available for the BCO 4.5 and BPA 7.5.10 at this link:

Capacity Management Support Pages

Each product has a support page that is easily accessed and lists by product, what is supported and the respective retirement dates.  If you have ever had a problem making a case to get to a newer version of one of the Capacity Management products in your organization due to change management restrictions, this is a good link to use to provide the ammunition for this.  Support Information for BCO and BPA Capacity Management products can be located at this link:


I hope this month’s Pulse will provide you with some useful information. We are interested in your feedback. Don’t be shy

Best, timo