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I recently read a good article by Kevin Fogerty and was compelled to share the following link:


One of highlights of this article is how companies are STILL struggling with making sure that hardware can support now and future additional load/ demand – which is a real trick because of the almost infinite variety of the software that runs within the virtual environment. Andi Mann from EMA goes on to add that “Both Intel and AMD build in circuits specifically to support both virtualization and the migration of virtual servers. A given server could have between two and eight processors, each of which has between two and eight processing cores. How well your particular server configuration will fare with an idiosyncratic load of software is almost impossible to predict without very specific and painstaking analysis”.




In my personal view - this is exactly why a best of bread Capacity Management solution is needed – one which addresses heterogeneous physical systems + Intel virtualization + plus UNIX virtualization platforms (AIX xPARs, Solaris zones, LDOMs, HP nPAR/vPAR) to address the needs of capacity inside – out to achieve the goals of the business.