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Announcement 1 Short Technical Videos on TrueSight Capacity Optimization products (CO&CCC)
Announcement:Short Technical Videos on TrueSight Capacity Optimization products (CO&CCC)
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Recent Activity

Alfred Bonsu
In the TSCO summary tables/Views  ( PV_SYS_DATA_MONTH in particular), can you please help explain the meaning of the values for the columns listed below? The descriptions in the documentation aren’t… (Show more)
Arundhuti Mahato
Installed BTCO 11, all services are running but the url: https://IPAddress:8443/console. Got 3 errors also in the installation log files. Have attached the screenshot of the error.
Arundhuti Mahato
I recently installed, BTCO v11 and the self monitoring ETL has been failing. Please find below the logs.   05/12/2018 14:30:11 WARNING [STDERR]- Can't load… (Show more)
Meyyappan Lakshmanan
Whenever a new ETL Engine component is installed, it gets discovered, and generates alert for file system utilization percentage. We would like to change that value from 80 to 85 at global level, so… (Show more)
Poppy Maxwell
When writing a custom Java parser ETL module the only option given in the 'File location' section is 'Local directory'.  When writing a custom Perl parser ETL module multiple options are given in…
Bill Stoneberg
I am noticing that I don't see all my stateful sets or pods that are in a stateful set. Sometimes I see them but more often I may see 1 or 2 pods out of many. Sometimes I don't see any pods in a… (Show more)
Ching Shen
I have been trying to generate a simple solution for any server trend of  TOTAL_FS_SIZE/TOTAL_FS_USED. It will be useful if a public view can be created SELECT LOWER( SM.NAME ) NAME, ROUND(…
Hector Naranjo
I have a question,   I don´t know how limit collect agent, because the license count the agent and father, and pool, How i do limit the collect????   Thank You,   Regards,   Hector Naranjo
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