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Recent Activity

Steve Gibbard
Would like a way to report on which users have logged into TSPS and which dashboards/pages they have accessed.
Darryl Day
Data for VM guests exists in the detail tables for  BYFS_USED but are  not processed into sys_data_roll.   Other virtual types of servers are being processed.    Suggestion is to add these in.  …
Arundhuti Mahato
While creating a manager run, there is Data Management, which has an option for "Delete data older than XXX days". What is the location of this older data? I have attached screenshot of the Data… (Show more)
Alessio Fruscione
It should useful be useful that TSCO will support latest oracle version (ORACLE 18c)
Ben Davies
We found ourselves in a conversation about TSCO reporting tools and techniques. I brought up this presentation, which was helpful in the conversation.   Hoping that others will find it helpful, we… (Show more)
Anita Hatagale
Hi All,   I am installing BTCO 11.0 in our environment. Environment Details: RSSO 9.1.00 Presentation server 11.0.00 BTCO 11.0.00 Database for BTCO- PostgreSQL 9.6 on windows   I am… (Show more)
David Wine
I have a situation where I am trying to reconcile clusters using the reconcile_bulk procedure, and there are a few clusters that are failing due to both entities supposedly having reservations. When… (Show more)
Dirk Rauschenbach
Hi, i try to define a relation, were i want to map storage volumes, which are loaded via the netapp etl, to the systems. the systems are loaded by gateway server and/or vmware etls. the definition… (Show more)
Kevin Kupka
We have an issue where two different ETLs are collecting different metric sets for the same systems.Both ETLs go to the Default Catalog and there is a hierarchy rule in place between the two ETLs. … (Show more)
Pablo Ramirez
We have many Service Providers with TrueSight deployed.   They offer monitoring and capacity services to their customers. As they offer cloud services to different customers…
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