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Frank Ward
I'm in the process of migrating all of my TSCO components to new servers.  A number of ETLs are in a state where they are scheduled but there is no apparent way to unschedule them since the new… (Show more)
Doug Kincaid
The TSCO v10.7 documentation states that there are available event types when building a what-if scenario for adding hosts to clusters, adding virtual machines, etc but none of these event types are… (Show more)
Olaf Laepple
Hello all, I use the BMC TSCO 10.3 I would like if we get a functionality under the Gateway Manger under Gateway Operations for deleting old Scheduled Runs that are not anymore necessary.  …
guido gimelli
Within the new Presentation Server dashboards, it would be nice to have the possibility of configuring Datamart Explorer template to support charts reporting histograms. Use case examples: to…
Sebastian Jukes
Request for enhancement TSCO 10.7 Presentation Server Editing Custom Views Whilst editing a page within TSPS for a Summary Table, you are able to add and remove the required metrics easily.…
Alfred Bonsu
In the column statusid of view PV_SYSTEM, what does 1, 2,3,4,5, etc..mean?  Where is this documented for reference? can yo pls send a like or describe here?
James Umney
Hi all,   I was wondering if it is possible in TSCO to create a new deploy status for ETLs. For example we would like to move all Decommisioned ETLs to a new deploy status named "DECOMM". is this… (Show more)
Michael Fontenot
In TrueSight Capacity Optimization allow the default "Publishing Scenario..." settings to be configurable and saved by Customer so that when a system is published as "Golden" the company's standard…
Stuart Ball
Filtering by name and by SourceClass is insufficient.   Ideally you want to be able to filter by Description, as Event Name is likely to be a Incident, Change or Problem Reference number rather than…
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