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sameer sayed
hello All,   was looking at mapping host to port to array for our environment. Looks like TSCO has a metric for BYPORT_ATTACHED_HOST,but couldnt find a metric for BYPORT_ATTACHED_ARRAY   Storage… (Show more)
Darryl Day
Currently the OOTB connector for OEM can collect RAW HOUR or DAY metrics.   If we select HOUR it collects the hourly average from the Oracle hour table. In the same table Oracle has already…
Darryl Day
Data for VM guests exists in the detail tables for  BYFS_USED but are  not processed into sys_data_roll.   Other virtual types of servers are being processed.    Suggestion is to add these in.  …
Brian Bell
Request for enhancement TSCO 10.7 Presentation Server Custom Views Add feature to export all or selected (more than 1) tables and charts from all tabs in a custom view to a PDF. Thus if tabs with…
Pallavi Patil
How would this functionality be useful in your environment?        - ServiceNow is an important source of data in our organization and integrating it with BCO would give ease of access and creation…
Kyle Franz
Hello all,   Having some issues trying to create a new analysis.   In our VMWare environment, we overcommit vCPU on a 5:1 ratio.   I am trying to create an analysis that shows the actual number of… (Show more)
Kyle Franz
Hi all,   Looking for some help here. I am trying to create an analysis by VMWare cluster that will show the following,   Total CPU utilization by cluster Total assigned CPU to VM’s in that… (Show more)
Michael Rees
I'm new to TSCO, we're currently running a POC using TSCO v10.5, but within the next few months we'll implement TSCO v11 in Pre-Production, I'd like to find out if the new version can analyse costs… (Show more)
Amit Singh
Hello All,   I am trying to create user and file system space in oracle Db but getting ended with lots of error in command line. I am attaching the script in this discussion so could you folks… (Show more)
Amit Singh
Hello All,   we have been trying to install TCO in our environment for that we require oracle client to connect to oracle database but getting installation error while doing so please find attached… (Show more)
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