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Manish Singh
Hello All,   We have done tagging for servers and now we want x user to only see the server which are tagged as XYZ. Is it possible to restrict access based on tagging ?   For example :-   If X… (Show more)
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Capacity Optimization…
Manish Singh
Hello All,   Customer is very much interested to see the forecasting data for next 3,6 and 12 months. So, should I create the model and add this model to Report which will provide this data for… (Show more)
Manish Singh
Hello All,   I have got requirement for one server for which CPU and Memory report has to be generated from 17/10/2019 till 17/11/2019 and it should be automatically sent the respective stakeholder… (Show more)
Poppy Maxwell
In TSPS the views currently choose 'Automatic Resolution' when first opened.  Some metrics have none or limited data at the level chosen by 'Automatic Resolution' meaning no data appears for these…
sapir hochma
Hello,   in tab admin->device adapters- If I copy XML in the custom action. I need to change the guid? If I don't change the guid in the copy XML it is not change the XML source because I used in… (Show more)
Brian Bell
Workload data (technically transaction data) entities include fewer metrics than are available in Visualizer. TSCO should import the other metrics which are available in the Visualizer CAXWKLS…
Marc Ewinger
We noticed that the CPU Profile chart of AIX Data Explorer view shows CPU metrics using the following sorting : - Idle - User - System - WAIO This sorting is not very meaningful from a system…
Monica Sowers
When you create a quick filter for a datamart-based TSCO view in 11.5, there's a seemingly random number that is the main display of the button, rather than the item you're filtering on.   For…
Darryl Day
when running webInvestigate getAgentHistoryMetricGroupDataList -A -M "Cpu Statistics" -b 1571270400 -e 1571356799 -i 0 -t 30 -n "CPU ID,CPU Utilization"   no data is returned So I… (Show more)
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