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Liang Geng
Hello eveyone,   can someone tell me, where can i find the documentation about the TSCO Data model? thx in advance!   best regadrs
Dewansh Jafrabadkar
Hello,   I need to know in which format the data of vmware is extracted in TCO while using ETL of vmware.   Also need an help in understanding the ETL i.e extract transform and load process on… (Show more)
Tommaso Scarpa
Hi,   I would like to propose a simple but, in my opinion, very useful improvement. Me and my team noticed that when the "Truncate before load" property is set or the behavior of an ETL is set as…
Michelangelo Gioia
Within the new Presentation Server dashboards, it would be nice to have the possibility of configuring Datamart Explorer template to support charts reporting histograms   Use case examples: to show…
Vincenzo Di Girolamo
Working on TSCO Presentation Server (version 10.7), I found two possible enhancements about column values rendering on summary table dashboards:   1) Custom mapping renderer: enable regular…
Michelangelo Gioia
Within the new Presentation Server views, it would be nice to have a data entry dashlet as already available in some OOTB views (see attached screenshots).
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: TrueSight Capacity Optimization…
Mark Pilz
Hi   Can anyone explain how to use TSCO to plan for a capacity increase in z/linuxguests on a VM in TSCO?   We have CO for mainframe, we gather stats from the VM using UIE/vm and we have agents… (Show more)
Lloyd George
Is there an option in Correlation Analysisto remove those relationships that are of low or medium correlation? I know we can edit the association by clicking each relationship, but is there an option… (Show more)
Peter Davenport
We are looking at the new Sunburst Display functionality in the Presentation Server as we can see some great potential, but we have some queries.   This has great potential uses with Virtual… (Show more)
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