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Mohammed rahimuddin
Hi All , Please let me know do we have any ETL module is available for the integration in TCO with AppDynamics for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.3.01
Michael Rees
We've just upgraded TSCO 11.3 to TSCO 11.5, and being relatively new to TSCO I have a question about an ETL connector to an Oracle DB...   I’m trying to setup an ETL connection to an Oracle… (Show more)
Arthur Nigro
I am looking for documentation on sql examples for using the Database extractor for a SQL server database to extract business driver data.   The only documentation from BMC is Generic - Database… (Show more)
Doug Case
While hourly averages are great for trending and capacity planning,  Performance analysis requires more granular data in our opinion.  We would like the OOTB AWS API Extractor to be configured to…
David Buchanan
Basically the Sunburst charts appear to misleading when over-subscription is taking place, both their colours and figures presented when looking at hosts and cluster segments. In our test…
Sudhakar Karuppaiah
Hi,   We are moving from Tuning Manager to HPA. Looking for roadmap for HPA for TSCO.   Thanks Sudhakar
Michael Rees
I'm about to test an ETL using the "Generic - Database extractor" to extract data from an Oracle database and wondered what TCP ports I needed to open on the firewall before I attempt the test, I'd… (Show more)
Vrushali Athalye
Hello,   At BMC Education, we understand and care for the end user needs. We know that subscriptions are a great way to learn about the product functionalities in a flexible manner and at a low… (Show more)
Martin Faulkner
If we use a custom statistic such as 95th percentile there is no way of showing this in the legend.  Instead the statistic label is left blank.  See the red line in the graph below.  This can be…
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