• Business Rules - Ticket Notes Trigger can only notify specific requestor\technician and not requestor email

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    create a business rule for Ticket Notes, where a ticket note has unchecked the private note checkbox and the action is to send an email to the requestor. I noted that you cannot select the requestor email in the notif...
    Shreyas Borawake
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  • Associating Change Requests with Multiple Work Orders or another idea.

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    We are using Track-it! and would like very much to see a feature that allows for the following:   SCENARIO: We have several Work Orders generated that report on bugs in a vendor application.  Th...
    Julie Leach
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  • Prevent "The selected status will stop the clock" from showing

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    When closing out tickets it gets annoying having to specifically acknowledge that you're stopping the clock.   Would like to have a means of either preventing them from showing at all to any technician or a way ...
    Johan Gouverneur
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  • Track-It! 2019 R2 (2019.02.48) now available - APIs and native mobile applications highlight the release

    I am excited to announce the general availability of Track-It! 2019 R2.   This release continues the innovation of the new Track-It! platform and provides another release of new content for the Track-It! custome...
    Cris Coffey
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  • Conditional Ticket Note Editing

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    New feature request   Technicians that are allowed to Add and Edit ticket notes appear to have the ability to Edit other technician's entries.  An additional security feature that would allow specific techn...
    David Cucciarre
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  • Ability to Delete more than one workorder

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    In the old version, we can delete more than 1 work order. selecting multiple work orders and clicking on the delete button, a confirmation window will come up and clicking ok will delete the work orders.   the n...
    Isdept Stevens
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  • 2 trackit instalations on the same server

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    Customer is wanting to 2 track-it installations on the same server with different DB's.
    Shreyas Borawake
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  • Filter needed for multiple Names/login IDs for sorting the ticket display.

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    In Trackit 11.4 there is the option to sort on multiple selections of the assigned technician field.  We use this method to route tickets to certain groups of people.   For example: Our assigned technician...
    Steven Miles
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  • New User Request Account Provisioning

    Currently we use a PDF form for new employee user provisioning requests. What accounts are needed access to different systems, who can we use a "just like" example. I am baffled by the lack of a good solution for this...
    Joe Clark
    created by Joe Clark
  • Report Writer for Trackit 20.18

    In version 11.4, we could export any report, open it in our Crystal reports writer, modify the report and import it back into Trackit to pull out the data the way we need to see it.   I tried doing this in 20.18...
    Isdept Stevens
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  • enforce https on Track-It Websites

    What is the best way to enforce https on all of the track it websites?  I have looked around and I have not been able to find anything in the software itself. Is this just none in IIS?
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  • Is it possible that the technicians assigned to a group only see the tickets that are assigned to their group?

    Hello   Is it possible that the technicians assigned to a group only see the tickets that are assigned to their group?   I need that the technicians assisted to a group can only see their tickets and the o...
    Sonia Pintado
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  • Exchange Web Service

    Will the new version of Track-It eventually include Exchange Web Service for configuring Incoming emails?  Our exchange server does not currently have IMAP or POP3 configured on it.  Our current version of T...
    Brenda West
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  • Editing Requestor original note

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    No one should be allowed to edit, the Requestors original note or any note created by the Requestor. See the attached screen shot, i am logged in as an admin and have the ability to edit the requestors note and have i...
    Nicholas DeFrancesco
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  • How do you make the resolution field mandatory in Track IT?

    How do you make the resolution field mandatory in Track IT? Thank you.
    Timothy Archambault
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  • Form template field - Note

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    Forgive me if this has already been requested, but I didn't find anything.   This is a request to add a form template field of "Note", the same field that is required to submit a ticket. One use case is an onboa...
    Firstmark Credit Union
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  • Open ticket views

    Hi Let's say I'm part of a group that gets a ticket and each person in that group has to create an assignment for themselves.  I see this ticket under my view for the group and I see the assignment under "My ass...
    Cathy Grant
    created by Cathy Grant
  • Unable to add recipients while using "New Email" feature from the work order in Track-It! 2018/2019

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! 2019 R2 APPLIES TO: T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Change default value of "Private" checkbox on ticket notes in TI2018

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    I think this is already on the roadmap, but I want to put it in place here as an idea so that it doesn't get passed over.  When a ticket note is added, the note type defaults to "private", which results in notifi...
    Kevin Geil
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  • Category Limitation

    Is there a limitation on how many sub categories or items can be put under one category?  Categories keep crashing with an error of:       Trackit Error X      Chec...
    Cathy Grant
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