• Links in e-mail notification to open Work order directly in Web interface

    Product Team Review
    11 votes
    It would be very convenient to be able to see links in e-mail notification which will open a Work order directly in web interface. This will time consuming to see the Work order directly instead of opening Track-It! W...
  • Where can I find documentation on manually installing and using the audit agent on Windows workstations for Track-It 2020?

    I've been using 11.4 for a while. I just installed 20.20.   I'd like to manually add the audit agent to a few PCs for a pilot test. I'm not finding documentation for this. Where should I be looking?
    Ken Smith
    created by Ken Smith
  • My change approval form self service to sort

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    1 vote
    There is no function to sort 'my change approval' from self service. Please make that function to next version.
    Paul Chun
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  • Advanced search options

    Product Team Review
    12 votes
    I would like to see a way to filter within a search to find a specific ticket for instance... search for 'keyword' then have a way to search for just one tech where that keyword is associated to (ie. script error, wh...
    Aaron Rice
    last modified by Aaron Rice
  • Sort by options for search results

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    4 votes
    Currently when doing a search with multiple pages, there is no was to sort the results. Please add
    Chris Loyd
    last modified by Chris Loyd
  • How to set up multiple emails to go to different groups

    We have one mailbox that will create tickets for all the categories.  Is there a way to create mailbox 1 for group 1, mailbox 2 or group 2.....
    Janna Horn
    created by Janna Horn
  • How to set incoming mail post-processing action in Track-It! 20.x

    Hi, I'm working with a client who would like to change the mail post-processing action so that email is not moved out of the inbox after being processed. The documentation is below, but I don't know what the query wou...
    Ken Soszka
    last modified by Ken Soszka
  • Track-IT! Need to Start Using LDAPS for AD Lookup in Directory Services

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    7 votes
    We are currently running Track-IT! 11.4 SP1 and our security team is very concerned that our Track-IT! system is using LDAP instead of Secure LDAP(LDAPS).  We need this feature implemented to continue to use this...
    Charly Halfhuid
    last modified by Charly Halfhuid
  • Creating Automated Processes

    Using Track-IT, how easy is it to automate the process of receiving an email, have it forwarded to five technicians at different times?  Example: Email for support needs to be distributed to seven different areas...
    Fredra Rhodes
    last modified by Fredra Rhodes
  • Track-It! Migration from to

    I was tasked with upgrading to the 20.20 version of Track-It! from Our version 9 resides on a Microsoft Server 2003 and the Migration tool is giving me an error about not being a valid Win32 application run...
    Sean Kiley
    last modified by Sean Kiley
  • Allow the email from a ticket template to be modified

    3 votes
    When technicians send out an email from the ticket they have to manually do the dropdown every single time to add their name to the email. In TI 11.4 the emails would show as sent by the tech, so it was obvious who t...
    Janna Horn
    last modified by Janna Horn
  • Track-It! Round Robin

    3 votes
    There are several posts about Track-IT Round Robin, however no Ideas for Voting. We would like Round Robin added back in to Track-IT 20xx. In addition, we would like easier management for technicians to login / out of...
    Joseph Van Slycke
    last modified by Joseph Van Slycke
  • Track-It! 20xx - Set the Primary User of the selected Asset as Requestor when creating a new Ticket

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    3 votes
    In Track-It! 11 versions, when you create a new Ticket and specify an Asset, automatically the application fills the Requestor with the Asset Primary User. That no longer occurs with Track-It! 20xx version. This is re...
    Paolo Righi
    last modified by Paolo Righi
  • Track-It 2018 - Turn Off Work Order Timer

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    8 votes
    We are a government entity and do not bill or track time worked per ticket and would like to have a feature to disable the clock.
    Lee M. Childress
    last modified by Lee M. Childress
  • Using "And" and "Or" in Track-It! 20.x Business Rule conditions

    I recall reading somewhere that there is a specific methodology when using a combination of "And" and "Or" statements in the conditions of a business rule. I can't find it anywhere now. I think it was that you have to...
    Ken Soszka
    last modified by Ken Soszka
  • Do I need to redo any customization that was done when rolling out Trackit 2020?

    I have run the 2020 update to a sandbox environment to do testing and notice that all the customizing I did to the icons and backgrounds changed a back to default. Is this normal, do I have to save copies of those fol...
    Janna Horn
    last modified by Janna Horn
  • Is there a way to just send the requester an email if there is a resolution note added

    I don't want the requestor to get emails for any change, just if there is a note added, Also if it is a resolution note could that be bolded or colored?
    Janna Horn
    last modified by Janna Horn
  • Track-It 20.20.1

    Has anyone updated Track-It to 20.20.1? If so, what are Pros and Cons? Any issues you want to tell me about? I have read the 2020 Release 01 notes and the Known and corrected issues. I want to hear from people that ha...
    Doug Moore
    last modified by Doug Moore
  • How to link Ticket Notes to a Ticket in Track-It! 20xx business rules?

    How does one link Ticket Notes to a Ticket in Business Rules?  I can't find any reference to Ticket ID when selecting the Ticket Notes record type, but there must be a reference as they are linked in Track-It! &#...
    Mark Saacks
    last modified by Mark Saacks
  • Request Self Service users be able to re-open their own Closed work orders

    Product Team Review
    13 votes
    Would like the ability to allow Self Service Users to re-open their own Closed work orders. Currently when a work order is closed, the user cannot add Notes or re-open it.
    Brad Halsey
    last modified by Brad Halsey