• Trackit 2020 Self Service Portal Abilities to Hide or Remove "My Change Approvals"

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    I would like the ability to remove the "My change approvals" on the self Service Portal.   we should have the ability to add or remove what is needed or not needed.
    Isdept Stevens
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  • Default Fields upon opening a form (e.g. Ticket)

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    In Track-It! 11.x, there was the ability to hold Shift (or Ctrl) & F2 on a field and type a default entry for a ticket.   Currently, this feature isn't available in 20xx and I would like to propose one of th...
    Richard Rowe
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  • Need to go from Track-It! 11.4 to 20.20.1

    How do I migrate my data without loosing my tickets and templates?
    David Hernandez
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  • Question about Business Rules Fields

    I'm trying to configure the Business Rules Notifications but I'm having problems trying to figure out which FIELDS I need to add to get the right information.  When a ticket gets closed I want an email sent to th...
    Jay Wolcott
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  • Purchased items/assets in Track-IT 20.19 & 20.20

    I've used Track-IT when it was still Numara to what it is today.  I remember in version 11.4 you can receive inventory as items and they to into the Unassigned bucket.  Then you can then assign them to Asset...
    Info Tech
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  • Is there a report to show who a category is assigned to?

    I have been asked for a report on who the categories are assigned to, I tried to modify the default report but don't see the option for the assigned to...  
    Janna Horn
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  • How to report on break fix incidents vs service requests in Track-IT! 2020?

    Background:  My organization is preparing to go live on a new install of Track-It! 2020 in February.  We are/have been using Track-It! version 11.4 previously.   Question: My question is how best to co...
    Eric Stortz
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  • Track-IT 2018 - Show category parent when selecting categories

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    The categories in our system are set up in such a way that there are multiple "master" categories that are unique but they contain subcategories that are identical. Now when we search for a category during category se...
    Allpak Administrators
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  • After discovering assets in Track-It! 20.19.xx, some assets do not get synced into Track-It!

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! 2020 R1 APPLIES TO: T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Track-It! 2019 Install Password

    In the installation process we received the screen requesting an installer password.  We have emailed trackitteam@bmc.com and have not received a reply.  What is the general turnaround on the response to the...
    Debbie Beach
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  • How to upgrade from Track-It! 2019 to the latest version of Track-It! 20.20.x

    Before upgrading to the latest version of Track-It!, please follow the below steps   Download the latest version of Track-It! from the BMC EPD Take a Full Backup of the Track-It! Database using SQL Server Manag...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • Very slow after updating to

    Has anyone else seen an issue after updating from 20.19.02 to 20.19.03, that the web front end runs very slow?   The initial page load for the login page is fine but once I hit login it'll sit there "Authenticat...
    Christopher Dry
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  • Checklist for Migrating to Track-It! 2020 (revised 2-5-2020).pdf

    This document provides the step by step process for migrating from 11.x to 2020.  In each of those steps it also links to more detailed information where appropriate. We recommend you follow this checklist when m...
    Eric Liszt
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  • New Email - Default ticket number in Subject field

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    In TI 2018, when using the "new email" button within a ticket or assignment, allow the system to default pulling in at least the ticket or assignment number into the required subject field. Also would be nice to be ab...
    Michael Chohrach
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  • Do I need to redo any customization that was done when rolling out Trackit 2020?

    I have run the 2020 update to a sandbox environment to do testing and notice that all the customizing I did to the icons and backgrounds changed a back to default. Is this normal, do I have to save copies of those fol...
    Janna Horn
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  • Track-It - Email collection Filtering

    I am wanting to collect email from our exchange help Desk email account from senders from our domain only. If others send emails from their domain I want track-It to skip the messages and leave them in the inbox. I a...
    Mark Roark
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  • real time reports

    How can I setup a display to show real time reports based on open/closed tickets and other data by tech for each day, week, month, etc.
    Emmanuel Martinez
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  • Track-It! Orientation Checklist

    Register and get your software Get to know your product and community Take it to the next level Welcome to the customer orientation checklist for Track-It! Register and get your software  New Customer...
    Cris Coffey
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  • SLAs in Trackit! 2019

    Quick question I hope.  I am setting up an SLA for a template that is a high priority with next business day response required. In 11.4.2, I did not have to set an end date for SLAs.  I want my SLAs to conti...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • How to create a custom multi text field

    Hello   You need to know how to create a custom multi text field in the asset form.     I see that I have custom text fields but I can only put one line.     I need to create a field like t...
    Sonia Pintado
    created by Sonia Pintado