• Track-It! 2018: Automatically mark the user as Inactive if disabled from AD when running Directory Importer

    Product Team Review
    15 votes
    Currently, this feature is only available for technicians in Track-It! 2018. Would like to have this feature also available for Users.
    Brian Da Silva
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  • Track-IT 2019 Asset Merge

    Assets discovered on the network are not merging with Assets that have been previously created through the PO or manually added to the system. I am ending up with duplicate asset entries and am unsure how to correct t...
    Sonja Vicchiollo
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  • Help Desk lookup field data limits

    Checking in to see if anyone else is bumping into what appears to be a limit on the number of values in a helpdesk lookup in 2019.03. We use lookup 4 configured as a dropdown for our buildings. We need all on the stat...
  • Track-It 2018 - ability to require Ticket Resolution note type before ticket can be closed

    On Roadmap
    28 votes
    In TI 11 we had the ability to require the resolution be filled in before the ticket could be closed. Need the same ability on the Ticket Resolution note type in TI 2018. Currently using one of the custom text fields ...
    Michael Chohrach
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  • Question regarding getting templates to apply to incoming emails.

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to get a template to apply to an email from a specific sender. I have created the template, and set up an email policy via Configuration > Help Desk > Email Configuration >...
    Charles Lattouf
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  • Modul for "approval workflow"

    We have Track-it 11.4 and my question is how can I create approval workflow.   Example: I get request from some user they need some share drive. Then I must to fulfill some form and collect some signature from...
    Boris Zorec
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  • What are the plans for improved search capabilities for Track-It!

    I am specifically hoping for keyword search for the Assignment Notes and Ticket Notes.   Is there any plan to improve search options?
    Randie Westman
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  • Indexing issues post update - 11.2 to 11.4

    Good day,   We updated TrackIt to 11.4 last week in anticipation of migrating to Track-it 2019.   After the update, searching was not working correctly.  I followed instructions I found to recreate th...
    Heidi Farnham
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  • I need help adding a custom list for Purchasing

    I need help adding a custom list for Purchasing and then being able access that list via a drop down field.  Also need help with pulling our vendor contact data to our Print Preview Report. I should mention we ju...
    annette wright
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  • unlocking a ticket in 2019.03

    We used to easily be able to free up tickets locked by other technicians by clearing the unlock box under their technician profile.  How does one accomplish the same thing in Trackit! 2019? An update query won't ...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • How to create a custom multi text field

    Hello   You need to know how to create a custom multi text field in the asset form.     I see that I have custom text fields but I can only put one line.     I need to create a field like t...
    Sonia Pintado
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  • How to report on break fix incidents vs service requests in Track-IT! 2020?

    Background:  My organization is preparing to go live on a new install of Track-It! 2020 in February.  We are/have been using Track-It! version 11.4 previously.   Question: My question is how best to co...
    Eric Stortz
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  • Trackit 2020 Self Service Portal Abilities to Hide or Remove "My Change Approvals"

    Below Review Threshold
    1 vote
    I would like the ability to remove the "My change approvals" on the self Service Portal.   we should have the ability to add or remove what is needed or not needed.
    Isdept Stevens
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  • Default Fields upon opening a form (e.g. Ticket)

    0 votes
    In Track-It! 11.x, there was the ability to hold Shift (or Ctrl) & F2 on a field and type a default entry for a ticket.   Currently, this feature isn't available in 20xx and I would like to propose one of th...
    Richard Rowe
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  • Need to go from Track-It! 11.4 to 20.20.1

    How do I migrate my data without loosing my tickets and templates?
    David Hernandez
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  • Question about Business Rules Fields

    I'm trying to configure the Business Rules Notifications but I'm having problems trying to figure out which FIELDS I need to add to get the right information.  When a ticket gets closed I want an email sent to th...
    Jay Wolcott
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  • Purchased items/assets in Track-IT 20.19 & 20.20

    I've used Track-IT when it was still Numara to what it is today.  I remember in version 11.4 you can receive inventory as items and they to into the Unassigned bucket.  Then you can then assign them to Asset...
    Info Tech
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  • Is there a report to show who a category is assigned to?

    I have been asked for a report on who the categories are assigned to, I tried to modify the default report but don't see the option for the assigned to...  
    Janna Horn
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  • Track-IT 2018 - Show category parent when selecting categories

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    7 votes
    The categories in our system are set up in such a way that there are multiple "master" categories that are unique but they contain subcategories that are identical. Now when we search for a category during category se...
    Allpak Administrators
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  • After discovering assets in Track-It! 20.19.xx, some assets do not get synced into Track-It!

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! 2020 R1 APPLIES TO: T...
    Knowledge Admin
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