• Ticket ID's changed after migration to 20.20.01

    Hi I successfully have migrated to Track-IT 20.20.01 from 11.4. Just a quick question, are the Ticket ID #'s meant to change in the migration? My manager noticed that the Ticket ID's from 11.4 are not the same as they...
    IT Operations
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  • Category Description

    I am setting up my offices new Track-it Helpdesk system and I have now set up several ticket categories that have descriptions on them and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that our users cans see those descript...
    Timothy Evans
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  • Unexpected Filtering Results on Modified Reports

    We are using Track-It! 2019 BUILD:   I was attempting to modify a canned report to remove the already closed tickets from the results and instead received more results based on the filtering. Not what...
    Kevin Trotman
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  • Track-It! 2019 Report Wizard Error using the Summary Field / Function

    When creating a report with the Report Wizard in Track-It! 2019 R3, the resulting report seems broken if I include a Summary Field (step 4 in the Define Report Layout section). In this case, this is what I chose in th...
    Ken Soszka
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  • The Track-It! 2018 Migration Tool does not work if the Track-It 11.4 Database AND/OR the Track-It 2018 Database reside on a SQL Server using another port than the default Port No. 1433

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! 2018.03 APPLIES TO: T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • New Email - Default ticket number in Subject field

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    In TI 2018, when using the "new email" button within a ticket or assignment, allow the system to default pulling in at least the ticket or assignment number into the required subject field. Also would be nice to be ab...
    Michael Chohrach
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  • Track-It! 2020 Fresh install

    I'm getting "This asset does not support for audit" on discovered "Specialized Peripheral Device" (which are HP Desktops WIN Ver 1909)???  I rechecked the configurations and passwords for the discovery.  Har...
    Clark Hansen
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  • Track-IT 11.4 SP1 R2 and SQL Express 2016 with Adv...

    Just curious if anyone knows if Track-IT 11.4 SP1 R2 works with SQL Express 2016 with Advance Services?   We're retiring all of our 2008 servers and want to go with the newest possible to ensure we're not hittin...
    Jeff Layton
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  • Outgoing Email signature

    Where can we set a default email signature when a technician sends an email to a requester through Track-It?  
    Jay Wolcott
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  • Under Holidays, add "Last" option in the drop down menu for choosing First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, or Every of a day of the week.

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    4 votes
    Memorial Day in America is on the Last Monday of May. I have no way of putting a recurring Memorial Day into my Trackit Holidays right now, because Last isn't an option. Could this please be added? TrackIt 2018.03
    Joe Wiard
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  • Email Ticket

    Ability to email the ticket to technician or requester
    Steve Bartenfelter
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  • Add Retired Assets as Search Option

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    4 votes
    Since the search currently excludes retired assets it would be nice to have a check box to include them. It would also be nice if the boxes were initially unchecked or we had a toggle to check/uncheck all. Even better...
    Troy Cole
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  • How to do spell check in the notes section of Trackit 2020

    I haven't found any setting to allow for spell checking within the Trackit tickets, can this be done?
    Janna Horn
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  • Remove image files from signatures of emails when they are processed by email monitor

    Product Team Review
    33 votes
    A number of customers ask whether Track-It! is able to strip any image files from an email signature when the message is processed by the Track-It! email monitor. A work order is created with multiple file attachment...
    Toby Draper
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  • "Queue Management" (Round Robin) availability within Track-it 2018 Build

    Is there any functionality within our version now? If not is there plan on implementing in the future? This would be a huge time saver for our Directors. Thanks.
    Drew Thompson
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  • Round Robin Feature

    Has anyone heard an update on when the Round Robin feature will be released? The timeline shows the date is still TBD. We would really benefit from this feature, but seem to be waiting a long time for it.
    Cole Hayes
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  • Track-IT Round robin ticket assigment for group members

    Is it possible to create business rule that would round robin ticket assignments to a technician based on the group?   Lets say we have three technicians in a group called Help-desk and a requester creates a tic...
    Dominik Karczewski
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  • Dashboard errors out after Track-It! 11.4 update.

    Anyone experience this?   I have just updated from 11.3 to 11.4 and ran the TI11.4HF2 Hot Fix. I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL 2008 R2. After updating to TI 11.4 the Dashboard errors out and will no...
    Kevin Roberson
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  • Track-It 2018 - HTML template for ticket emails (Manual Notification in 11.x)

    Product Team Review
    26 votes
    Track-It 2018 needs the ability to customize the manual email notification when sending email from a ticket.  In 11.x, this could be done in Configuration -> Help Desk -> Work Order Events -> Work Order ...
    Adam Lepp
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  • LDAPS question

    My senior sysadmin tasked me with finding out about LDAPS for Trackit.   Does Trackit work with LDAP and LDAPS over TLS signing? I need this question answered for both 11.4 and 2019.   Sorry I'm not bein...
    Chris Webb
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