• How do you export software licenses from Track-it 14 to BMC Client Management

    Trying to export software licenses from Track-it 14 to BMC as it appears Trackit 2020 no longer has that functionality
    Khemara Ty
    created by Khemara Ty
  • Very slow after updating to

    Has anyone else seen an issue after updating from 20.19.02 to 20.19.03, that the web front end runs very slow?   The initial page load for the login page is fine but once I hit login it'll sit there "Authenticat...
    Christopher Dry
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  • Scheduled Tickets Days vs. Weeks

    Hi. I am working with a client to scheduled their preventative maintenance tickets. All had been going well for the weekly and monthly tickets. We ran into a snag with the 90 day tickets in that they don't trigger. I ...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • How to move the Track-It! 11.xx database to another database server using MSSQL tools

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! APPLIES TO: Track-It!...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • How to move or restore a Track-It 20.xx Database to a different SQL Server

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Track-It! COMPONENT: Track-It! 2019.01 APPLIES TO: T...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Hide the Track IT community from Track IT web and TrackIT GUI for specific technicians in BMC Track-It!

    Product Team Review
    7 votes
    Hello,    Since version 11.3 of Track IT was released, the community integration appeared. I was said that: "Currently there is no global option available to hide the control for all technicians but indi...
    last modified by OIS NSPA
  • Use Display Name instead of username

    Already Offered
    8 votes
    On my email templates, when I insert the {Resolution} field, it gives the summary and includes the data and the techs username. I would rather it act like the field {Technicianassigned} and give the display name. Givi...
    Jeffrey Locke
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  • Default New Email Template

    9 votes
    It would be awesome to have the ability to create a default email template.  For example, creating a default email template that always includes the ticket summary in the subject of the message sent to requestor,...
    Shane Raymond
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  • Import Assets and Requestors from CSV file

    5 votes
    Potential customer just asked me if Track-It is able to manually import assets (monitors, printers) using CSV files. They don't want to use Client Management, they just want import Assets for tracking in Track-It. Th...
    Igor Mihevc
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  • Mass Import of other Assets

    2 votes
    We receive equipment in bulk.  100 monitors at a time.  Would like to import a csv file instead of entering each device separately.  Would use the following fields Asset Name Track-It! Asset Type Clien...
    John Straughan
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  • Add "Display Name" to Columns view for a Filtered Ticket and Assignments view.

    5 votes
    This column shows in the default view but not available when going to create your own filtered view.
    Drew Thompson
    last modified by Drew Thompson
  • Increase the work order category field size

    Already Offered
    6 votes
    Currently the work order category field size maximum is 30, it would be better if we would be able to set 50 or more.
    James Sun
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  • TrackIt 20.19: Ability to set a default action for adjusting the Date and Time based on Priority change

    Not Planned
    6 votes
    The ability to set a default action per priority type on how the date and time should be adjusted for tickets due date, or if the due date should be adjusted at all.   For example: give these options when config...
    Jamie Varcadipane
    last modified by Jamie Varcadipane
  • Assign Technician

    Not Planned
    6 votes
    When you select the option 'Assign technician' you should be able to search for the Technician without needing to select their specific Group i.e. search across the system/all groups.   At the moment the text se...
    Jacqui C
    last modified by Jacqui C
  • Make Adjustment to the Save Button in TrackIT 2019

    Not Planned
    6 votes
    I had an idea to change the save button behavior to save the item you are saving and close the tab at the top.  In doing this will require 1 less click to close out of the tab at the top.   Thanks
    Justin Drakes
    last modified by Justin Drakes
  • Track-It 2018: convert ticket into assignement

    6 votes
    Customer would like to convert tickets into assignment. This functionality was there in 11.4 and now cannot be seen in 2018.
    Shreyas Borawake
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  • Allow Windows Authentication / Passthrough on Mobile Technician Web App

    Already Offered
    6 votes
    While it is currently possible to have automatic sign-on using Windows Authentication on the full version of the Technician Web App, this does not currently extend to the mobile app.   Some domain joined devices...
    Andy Blackman
    last modified by Andy Blackman
  • View work orders History in Inventory

    Already Offered
    7 votes
    If I open a ticket that has a asset tied to it and look at the Asset tab. It will show me the work order history. (W/O number, date, summary, etc)     If I look at the Inventory and open an Asset, there a...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • how do I unlock the Administrator account in Track-IT! 2019.3

    When I try to login to the Track-IT 2019.3 application using my browser I get the message that the Administrator account is locked.  How can I unlock the account in the database and reset the password ?
    Leo Uran
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  • Track-It 2020: Ability to Edit Closed Tickets Without Affecting Closed Date

    3 votes
    In version 11.4 when we need to adjust closed tickets (for example, changing the priority or category), we double click on the ticket, change whatever field we need to adjust, and then save the ticket.  The Close...
    Jo-Anne McCadden
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