• New tickets received from HTML emails don't show HTML properly in ticket notes

    When a new ticket is created from the monitoring on an email inbox, and that email is configured as HTML, then instead of seeing a properly formatted HTML document, the ticket note represents all of the HTML tags sich...
    Michael Ishii
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  • Is there anything that can be used to monitor Job Monitor Settings and Business Rule Event Viewer

    We had an issue today where the business Rule Event viewer queue was backed up to over 800 items.   The Job monitor service was stopped.  We had put in place the fix for hung processes last week however...
    IS Support
    created by IS Support
  • Include a link to the open ticket email that is sent to technicians.

    Is it possible to include a link that will log a technician into the system and open the ticket in Track-IT! 2018?   We currently have 2018.2 installed using windows credentials for login and have the business r...
    Seann Jenner
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  • Track-It 11.4 Inventory purge.

    Hello all,        Please excuse my naivety in asking this question.  What I would like to do is purge the current inventory in my Track-it 11.4 implementation, and start a new discovery ...
    Kemp Goode
    created by Kemp Goode
  • track-it! 2018 How Can I send a link to access ticket directly

    I'm trying to setup email notifications so that when a technician is assigned a ticket the email generates a link to go directly to that ticket.  Is this possible?
    Nathan LaRue
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  • How do you export Trackit's tickets and Masterlist to a csv or xls?

    How do you export Trackit's ticket and Masterlist to a csv or xls? We would like to export all tickets with description, attachment, email chain, notes and resolution.
    Nhia Lee
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  • Reporting on the Audit Log in a Work Order

    Want to report on how many work orders are "escalated" or reassigned to another technician.  This information is stored under the Audit Log tab but not sure where the data resides on the database.  I don't b...
    Lisa Baker
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  • Is Track-It! 11.4 Service Pack 1 already fixed and ready for redeployment?

    Hello! I'm aware that Track-It! (Service Pack 1) was taken down from Support because of a series of defects detected upon deployment. As a matter of fact, we VARs and Integrators dealt with our share of rol...
    Jose Quintero
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  • Is there any way to bulk promote assets?

    Here's what I'm working with at the moment.   I have 160 iPads that are sitting in storage, waiting to go out. I want to scan all 160 items, and promote them ALL to my local storage. Then, when they get assigned...
    Jason Perkins
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  • Track-it Web Technician - Save Views

    Is there option somewhere to copy the public grid views from track-it client to the web interface?
    Peter Gajdek
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  • Attachments on notifications sent by Track-It! 2018

    Is there a way we can configure the business rules to attachments on tickets notifications?   See some examples:   Example 1: An user sends an email message to our help desk support team email address with...
    Bruno de Oliveira
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  • Email message body

    Is there any way to format the way the body of the email that comes into the ticket from a business rule?   We have a help desk that forwards emails in using a key word. The system creates the tickets just fine ...
    Russell Arrington
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  • apply template business rule track-it 2018

    is it possible to apply a template in a business rule or is that functionality gone and i'd basically have to add each field in the template in the business rule?   thanks   edited: for much better asking ...
    Derrick Willard
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  • Q. Is there a way to require technicians to enter notes before a ticket can be closed?

    Q. Is there a way to require technicians to enter notes before a ticket can be closed?  Apologies in advance as I am still getting my bearings in Track-It! 2018.
    Tom Ransom
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  • ticket creation delay from email submissions

    We've noticed a significant delay intermittently in ticket creation from email submissions.  Are there any plans to reintroduce the Microsoft Exchange email connector?
    Tom Ransom
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  • Email replies to closed work orders not alerting technician

    Hello, We are running into an issue with Track-It! with email replies to closed work orders not always notifying the assigned technician that a change has been made.   This is our standard  and ...
    John Comes
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  • Change management kick off from ticket category

    We are trying to set up change management to kick off whenever the category is "purchase", however we would also like to capture and report on the type of purchase it is. ie: cell phone, laptop, tablet etc.   Wi...
    Sonja Vicchiollo
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  • User's cannot login to Self-Service because Language Drop-down never loads  Trackit 2018

    We are still experiencing this issue - User's cannot login to Self-Service because Language Drop-down never loads                  &...
    Guy Guy
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  • Track-It 11 Executive Dashboard

    The table WorkOrderActiveDay in my Track-It database is 14.5 GB.  That's over 3/4 the size of the database.  The table only has 3 fields.   UTCDat, MaxDbChangelogId, WOID   But, there are 339,000...
    Marc Klenotic
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  • Required Fields in Self Service Track-It! 2018

    Hi, I don't seem to see a way to make a field "required" on the the Self Service page in Track-It! 2018 R3. Is it possible? Thanks!
    Ken Soszka
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