• List of defaults?

    Is there a list of all the default values and/or suggested values to use with Trackit 2018 and newer? I'm talking about things such as email monitoring time, business rule time, that sort of thing.     Tha...
    Chris Webb
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  • Export Business Rules?

    We are getting ready to go live with TrackIt! 2020 and I want to be able to export the custom business rules I've created during testing in case they are wiped out when the current data is imported, How would I do tha...
    Paula Morrell
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  • Assign a template to a logged in tech

    Is there a way to design a template that when applied it will assign it to the logged-in technician?
    Janna Horn
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  • Is there a way to get total time in tickets?

    I would like to do a weekly chart on the dashboard for how much total time was spent on tickets. I am not sure how I can do this, or if it is possible.
    Janna Horn
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  • Technician timeout

    As a technician, I am logged out of Track-It 2020 version build 2020.2.95 after a few minutes of inactivity. How do I extend that? My technicians are used to logging into to Track-It in the morning and not getting log...
    Michael Mastronardi
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  • Help with business rules

    Hello ,   i have migrated Trackit 19.x to and since i am having trouble , i have already fixed most of them , except the one regarding my business rules :   When a ticket is created through self...
    gallerand cyril
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  • How can I export grid categories and content out of Track it 2020.

    in 11.4, we could right click and export grid contents for categories, settings, lists.......   this functionality does net seem to be available in 2020
    Eric Butkovich
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  • Will BMC trackit support modern authentication for IMAP?

    It appears that Microsoft will be dropping support to Legacy authentication into exchange in the second half of 2021. My Trackit server depends on IMAP to get e-mail. Are there any plans in the works to support modern...
    Jeff Checkeye
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  • How to access the Attachments tab on my custom asset form

    So, I just got off the phone with BMC support. We are upgrading to 20.02 Release 2 from 20.18.03. This upgrade gives us the ability to attach documents to assets. However, it appears that since I have a customized ass...
    Michael Ishii
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  • Where is the asset audit trail in Trackit 2020

    Where is the asset audit trail in Trackit 2020.  can seem to see where this functionality exists in the 2020 version.
    Eric Butkovich
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  • Windows Login authentication failed

    I am trying to add a technician and I've filled out the necessary fields, including windows authentication.  The user attempts to login but we keep getting an error message.  Can you please assist?
    Freddie Luster III
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  • Does anyone have a link to the database schema for TrackIt!2020?   Required for Custom Report creation with a 3rd party solution.

    Does anyone have a link to the database schema for TrackIt!2020?   Required for Custom Report creation with a 3rd party solution.   Need this to understand the Database layout.   Thanks!
    Grant Scurrah
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  • Customization of Self-Service fields in Trackit 2019.03

    In 11.4.x, we could manipulate an xml file to change up the order of self-service fields. Is this possible in Trackit 2019.03 and if so, how?   Also, in testing out Self-Service on a mobile phone (iphone on safa...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • TrackIt 20.20 Web Api Attachments

    I do not see a way to upload attachments through the web api in the documentation.  Is this something that can be done?  If not what would be the preferred way to accomplish this?
    Brian Estes
    created by Brian Estes
  • Trackit 2020 - Change order of Self Service fields?

    Hi,   Is it possible to move the Notes section of self service down to the bottom of the form? I looked at a few XML's on the trackit server, but didn't see one that looked like it would let me to do this.  ...
    Ajay Patel
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  • Inserting 'Additional Information' into Change Request created from Ticket

    Hi everyone, I'm new to TrackIT and have been tasked with configuring some change management automation. Currently, I have configured a Change Policy that will generate a Change Request based on a certain Ticket Cate...
    Vincent Gonzalez
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  • SLA's applied to service requests vs incidents

    How can we apply different SLA's to service requests?  a request for a new mouse or other service should not fall into the same expectation as my mouse is broken.  how do we setup separate SLA's
    Eric Butkovich
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  • How to Customize Views in Track-It! 11.4 For specific departments

    We have different email address staff can email for specific problems. For example: IT.Help@example.com IT.Request@example.com IT.OtherHelp@example.com   I would like to create separate Help Desk views to sep...
    David Parsons
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  • Trackit Client Management - admin account

    Hi Guys, Actually, I'm a BCM technician / consultant, but lately I get in contact with "TCM" more often.   First of all I have to say that I think it's pretty bad that people are using Trackit >=20.18 do n...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • SQL Clustering or High Availability

    I know Track-It doesn't support Clustering or HA for SQL but has anyone had any luck working with SQL 2012?   Database is fine but we are looking to something like "Always On"/
    Douglas Houghton
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