• How can I change a ticket back to Open / Clock started status when a customer replies to a Pending / Clock stopped ticket via a business rule

    I have tried several ways and none seem to work. I want to change the status to open if the requester replies to a ticket and to start the clock. I am also wondering how the stop clock affects the SLA dates.
    Janna Horn
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  • Change Approval

    Is there a way I can customize the change approval?
    Info Tech
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  • Read-only Self Service Access?

    My organization is interested in starting to use the Self Service portal. To get started, we're looking to implement just the "View My Tickets" feature, not allowing staff to create tickets or view solutions. I see th...
    Elaine Herrmann
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  • what are the differences between track-it 2019 and track-it 2020?

    what are the differences between track-it 2019 and track-it 2020?   Should I upgrade from 2019?
    jacquie harrison
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  • How do I remove a public view for an inactive technician?

    I have a technician that is inactive that created multiple public views in the Helpdesk module. Is there a way that an administrator can remove those public views?   Thanks,
    Matt Hackbart
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  • ticket history/audit trail?

    hi there, where do i go in a ticket to see the audit trail of any email that was sent, or fields changed in a ticket? thanks, LK
    Linda Kirkpatrick
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  • Is it possible to change the assigned to Technician in Track-It 2020?

    We need to be able to change the assigned to technician in Track-It 2020 but the form has this field set to read only and it cannot be changed.  Is there a way to do this??
    Kimberly Anderson
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  • Is there a way to undo a change on the ticket design form?

    Seems like if i make a mistake on the form design, i have to start from scratch because there is no undo?  Where is the undo button?
    Kimberly Anderson
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  • 2019.2 - Assignment fields

    I know that this has been asked, but I can't find the answer now, sorry. We have a lot of assignments created from templates, such as terminations.  Is there any field I can put the employee's name in that will ...
    Russ Jones
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  • Business Rules: Variables does not work in outgoing emails

    Hi,   since last weekend my customer has massivly problems with outgoing eMails (business rule -> send email to user if a new ticket is created)   All variable with {Ticket - xxxxx} does not work anymor...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • Tickets are not generated from email in Trackit 11.4

    Tickets ate not being created from Trackit 11.4. Please find the error message from event manager :   The description for Event ID 1000 from source TrackIt Job Processor - TrackItBR cannot be found. Either the ...
    Daniel Allen
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  • External email not sending in TrackIt

    Our business rule to send notifications is working for internal recipients but not for external. the business rule fails. I looked at https://communities.bmc.com/thread/199314?q=external%20email  as this seemed ...
    mariam penman
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  • Isn't there a way to display a message to technicians when they log in?

    I need to post a notification to all Technicians.  TI Version 11.4
    John Schmidt
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  • Just upgraded to 20.20 and we cannot add a note to a ticket

    When we try to add a note to an existing ticket we get a message saying something about a new ticket cannot be created from this window and then the cancel button doesn't work and we can't get out of that window. ...
    Alan Gorman
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  • Is anyone using the change request feature and also providing meaningful email notifications?

    Understanding a new version was just released, is anyone using the change request function of trackit and receiving notifications with actual content?  Right now no matter what I do I only receive the "subject" o...
    Richard DiFolco
    created by Richard DiFolco
  • Migration Questions - Using the Migration Tool Multiple Times

    Regarding the use of the Track-It! migration tool, I have a couple of questions regarding using the tool multiple times and what you should or should not do in between migrations.   The scenario would be someone...
    Ken Soszka
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  • Business Rule and Template issue - causes multiple emails

    Chris, I think that you or Brian may have the most familiarity, but I welcome input from all parties.   For a long time we have had a business rule that took an incoming email and created a ticket.  Once th...
    Russ Jones
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  • Update Track-IT 2019 to Track-IT 2020

    Hello all,         I am currently running Track-It! 2019 Build  I am interested in the new features that are offered in Track-It! 2020.  I have done some limited se...
    Kemp Goode
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  • Password for 2020 install file

    We are able to download the software and Lic file but furring the install we are being prompted for password.
    Bob Palo
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  • business rule - update ticket resolution note field

    Hi (again!)   i want to create a business rule for the following scenario: when an email is received with certain text in the subject, one of the things i want to do is add a resolution note and close the tick...
    mariam penman
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