• Does anyone use BMC TrackIt 2019 for managing Dell leased equipment?

    In TrackIt 11.4, we created custom fields and were able to import the Dell asset data such as support and lease termination by service tags.  Is there a way to do this in TrackIt 2019?  Is anyone else managi...
    NIkol Dishman
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  • Is there still a way to get a download for Track-It!

    I need to move an old server to a new one to update Track-It!
    Heiko Beck
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  • How to set grid to highlight overdue tickets

    Is there a way to set my grid using the Manage Formatting tool to highlight tickets that are past due?     Thanks, Chris
    Chris Webb
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  • Continually getting Web.Grid errors

    Our install seems to continually get these web.grid errors. the only fix seems to be restarting services or rebooting the server. This is getting really bad. I had hoped that the update of 20.20 would fix it but at le...
    Janna Horn
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  • I am looking to customize the Self Service Portal.

    I have already changed logos and background images. I want to change the color of the website from the teal color to a grey and the text to a burgundy. I can do it by inspecting the site and changing the color but tha...
    Jason McBee
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  • What is the difference in expected due and expected fix for priority settings?

    I am trying to get my Priorities, and SLAs set up right, and still having issues. Could someone let me know the difference in Expected Due Duration Expected Fix Duration They both seem to be the same thing to me
    Janna Horn
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  • Category Description

    I am setting up my offices new Track-it Helpdesk system and I have now set up several ticket categories that have descriptions on them and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that our users cans see those descript...
    Timothy Evans
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  • "ship to address" and "bill to address" won't carriage return on purchase order print preview report

    "ship to address" and "bill to address" won't carriage return on purchase order print preview report.
    annette wright
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  • Help Desk lookup field data limits

    Checking in to see if anyone else is bumping into what appears to be a limit on the number of values in a helpdesk lookup in 2019.03. We use lookup 4 configured as a dropdown for our buildings. We need all on the stat...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • Trackit 10.x to latest

    We quit using Trackit but have a need to keep it up long term, with one user for read only purposes. What would it cost to license an old product with just one user?
    George Eberle
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  • Can the technician be notified when a requester updates a ticket in Self Service?

    We're currently moving from version 11.4 to 2020 Release 1 and I'm working on setting up our business rules. I would like for our technicians to receive an email notification if a requester adds a note to a ticket via...
    Elaine Herrmann
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  • TrackIT Communities trojan virus popup

    Hello,   I am getting a Trojan:JS/Foretype.A!ml virus popup in Windows Essentials when I browse to the main TrackIT Communites site. Is anyone else getting this?
    Chris Thompson
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  • Problem with trackit sequence

    When I create a new ticket in trackit 11.4, the new id is not n+1. For exemple, my last trackit id is 100, next is not 101 but maybe 112 or 127 or... How can I solve this problem ?
    Pierre Girboux
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  • New tickets received from HTML emails don't show HTML properly in ticket notes

    When a new ticket is created from the monitoring on an email inbox, and that email is configured as HTML, then instead of seeing a properly formatted HTML document, the ticket note represents all of the HTML tags sich...
    Michael Ishii
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    Good Afternoon,   Since Windows Server 2008 R2 is End Of Life, I have to move Track-It to a new Windows 2019 server.   We are using Track-It v11.4   What version of Track-It would you recommend to in...
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  • track it 2020 change ticket ID start number

    Hi,   is it possible to change the ticket ID start number so when we import the 11.4 database it starts from a number of our choosing?   also is there a way to delete the trackit 2020 database before we im...
    Anas El-Khani
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  • Track-It 11.4 - System Reqs. up to date?

    Is it possible to run TrackIt 11.4 on:   Windows 2016 and/or SQL 2017   Thanks for any insight provided.   Heidi
    Heidi Farnham
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  • Track-It Migration Tool stuck

    Hello, we are currently migrating from Track-It 11.4 to 2019. The Migration tool has been sitting at Migrating "Attachments" since Monday 2/24/2020 at 1pm. It has been almost 4 whole days since I began the migration. ...
    Adam Dove
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  • Track-It Features

    Hi,   We are planning to upgrade from Track-it 11.4 to 2020 Release 01, can someone please clarify me on below topics.   1) Is Asset Management or Inventory part of Track-it Technician Client UI as in 11.4...
    Madhusudan Chinnammagari
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  • Email Ticket

    Ability to email the ticket to technician or requester
    Steve Bartenfelter
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