• Business Rule that activates when ticket Change Request Status is updated in Change Approvals

    Trying to set up a business rule that activates on a Ticket update when the Change Request Status changes to 'Approved'.  Using the condition 'Change Request Status has changed' will make the rule fire, but as so...
    Andrea Steele
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  • create technician report

    good morning!   I just want to create a simple report and I'm struggling so much. I want to report on a list of techs who have a Named license assigned to them. the steps i've taken are as follows: 1. New Repo...
    mariam penman
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  • Editing Track IT Predefined SLA

    We are currently setting up Track IT 2020 for our organization, and I have come to the point where I am configuring the various SLA for what we will need. What I would like to know is can you change the predetermined ...
    Kevin Gibbs
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  • Not seeing the Configuration menu in Track it

    Hello everyone,   I have a user that is a member of the System Administration group.  When they log in, they do not see the Configuration module.  Which, as you can imagine is a little bit of a problem...
    Matthew Heaston
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  • We are upgrading to Track It 2020 from 11.4

    we do not want to do a migration from our old server, so we want a fresh start. We have scheduled audits set up for 11.4, do I need to disable that in 11.4 before it works in 2020? thanks
    Theresa Wager
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  • When does the clock start on a new ticket

    When Received / Opened When categorized When assigned to a technician or group
    Eric Butkovich
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  • Hardware Audit trail

    Where is the hardware audit trail in version 2020?
    Eric Butkovich
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  • How to remove bmc client management agent

    How can the deployed agent be removed from a client?
    Eric Butkovich
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  • Track-It 2020 Assign monitored mailboxes to different Groups

    Hi,      We monitor two separate email addresses on Track-it 2020 for our support calls. I wondered is it possible to automatically assign emails from each mailbox to different groups. Many thank...
    David Magill
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  • Software LIcenses

    Is  there a module for keeping track of your software licenses?
    James Alexander
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  • Trackit 2020 business rule extract specific information out of email body

    Have a few things I am looking to do. First time trying to put in a business rule that will read in an email with a designated TO address but I need it to extract the notice being sent in the body to be pulled(about 7...
    Torrent HelpDesk
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  • logical operators in business rules

    I want to setup a rule that auto-assigns a ticket received via email to the technician who sent it.  I did this, but noticed that I needed to also include the ticket source in the conditions to prevent the rule f...
    Paul Meyers
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  • Import Users into Track It 2020

    Hello, Does anyone know a way to import users from a CSV or XLS into Track It 2020?  We are unable to import from AD as we have a Global AD and only need US users.  And Track It does not support drilling d...
    Mike Connolley
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  • E-mail Notification Configuration

    Hello,   I am working to update our e-mail notifiations to end user in TrrackIT 11.4. Under Event Policy in the "Configuration Notifications" dialog box, I have now checked the box to notify based on "Work Order...
    Bradley Jackson
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  • TrackIT2020 With multiple groups of techs, how do you handle outgoing e-mail?

    We have two groups of technicians, one handles strictly IT support issues, the other handles more business oriented application issues.  With TrackIT 2020, we were hoping to have one inbound e-mail address for ea...
    Emil Quatchak
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  • Find parent WO from assignment

    Hello humans, I see how to find child assignments from the parent work order. But how do I find what the parent is if I only have the child?   Trackit version 20.20.02
    alexander sayer
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  • Exporting and importing Business Rules and other module data

    I performed a data migration from 11.4 to 2020.2 this weekend and while the importing of the data was successful, the process unfortunately overwrote a lot of my work including all of my business rules. Since I have a...
    Chris Webb
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  • Is it possible to move to a different database instance?

    Is it possible to configure 2020.2 to use a previously saved database?   I migrated data from 11.4 to 2020.2 this weekend and it's caused me some issues where I need to go back to my pre-migration snapshot to ge...
    Chris Webb
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  • How do I force close active connections?

    I need to run the Data Segregation tool but it keeps telling me I have active connections. I've made sure IIS, the trackit services, and WWW services are all stopped. I have also restarted the application server but n...
    Chris Webb
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  • How to backup and restore Track-It 2020

    I need to reinstall Windows Server on the machine I'm running Track It on. How do I back up Track it, in it's entirety, and then restore it?
    David Heald
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