• Inserting 'Additional Information' into Change Request created from Ticket

    Hi everyone, I'm new to TrackIT and have been tasked with configuring some change management automation. Currently, I have configured a Change Policy that will generate a Change Request based on a certain Ticket Cate...
    Vincent Gonzalez
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  • how to set "current date" as default value in record i BMC Helix

    Hi,   i want to set current date as a default value in my record in a field of Date type. just like in record, there is default value $USER$ for the field Created By.   I have created one field of type Da...
  • 2019.2 - Assignment fields

    I know that this has been asked, but I can't find the answer now, sorry. We have a lot of assignments created from templates, such as terminations.  Is there any field I can put the employee's name in that will ...
    Russ Jones
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  • Track-It 20.x EWS Incoming Email Error

    We are getting an error testing Incoming email, below. I have searched but can't find any info on this, any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
    Ken Soszka
    created by Ken Soszka
  • Track-It 2019: Asset Sequence Master Index

    Hello, I may be approaching this the wrong way, but here goes   I need to import several assets into Track-IT 2019.  These devices are not discover-able on the network.  I have all of the SQL code re...
    Jeremy Brinkman
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  • Is there a dark theme for Track It?

    I would love a way to enable a dark theme especially on a per technician basis.I am on build any help is appreciated.
    Zachary Blankenship
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  • Track-It 11.4 Inventory purge.

    Hello all,        Please excuse my naivety in asking this question.  What I would like to do is purge the current inventory in my Track-it 11.4 implementation, and start a new discovery ...
    Kemp Goode
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  • Is there anything that can be used to monitor Job Monitor Settings and Business Rule Event Viewer

    We had an issue today where the business Rule Event viewer queue was backed up to over 800 items.   The Job monitor service was stopped.  We had put in place the fix for hung processes last week however...
    IS Support
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  • Use Trackit to reset AD passwords?

    Is it possible to use Trackit to reset AD passwords? We have some users who aren't issued company laptops and can't connect directly to our network so I'm wondering if they can reset their network passwords if we give...
    Chris Webb
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  • Sharing Knowledge

    Anyone running TrackIt 20.20 willing to contact me and share the work they've done so far or help answer questions I've run into with Business Rules?
    NIkol Dishman
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  • Business Rules: Variables does not work in outgoing emails

    Hi,   since last weekend my customer has massivly problems with outgoing eMails (business rule -> send email to user if a new ticket is created)   All variable with {Ticket - xxxxx} does not work anymor...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • Remove Installed Programs with "0" in use from the Inventory lookup table

    Is there a method to to purge software versions showing 0 in use in the Administrator console?  Please see attached screen shot. Thanks!    
    Steven Mendonca
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  • Multiple Parameter Graph - Trackit 11.4

    How can I combine the reports? I have 3 reports (1 for each of 3 shifts) to display a chart of tickets created on each shift (example: shifts are  12am-8am, 8am-4pm, 4pm-12am) Created by using a multi parameter ...
    Joe Riccio
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  • Disconnect Technician - or Timeout?

    Is there a way in 2019, or higher, to disconnect a technician that has a ticket open and left for the day?   We have recently run into issues where a tech has left for the day logged in, with a ticket open and n...
    Russ Jones
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  • Track-It version 20 Technician Web Session Timeout Error

    Hi,      I'm getting the error below, when a technician Web Session Times out after 20 minutes:             an unknown problem occurred. &#...
    David Magill
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  • View number of tickets worked on by a technician

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to get a summary of all the tickets a technician has worked on.  The reports I have available to me only seem to offer reports for number of tickets opened or closed by a te...
    Jessica Noble
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  • how to increase timeout limit in TI 20.xx

    Hi,   how is it possible to increase the timeout limit for named technicians in TI 20.xx? Since there is no option in TI Configuration, the option will be found in ISS settings, I guess.   Any idea? There...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • custom field in Track-It! 20xx Report

    In the Open Tickets report I want to distinguish between which tickets have not yet reached their due date and those that are overdue.   I've created a custom field with the following expression: iif([Ticket.Exp...
    Mark Saacks
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  • Is there a way to get inline images to show up in tickets?

    We have it where a user will email our trackit email and it will create a ticket. Anytime a user adds an inline image, it gets removed and replaced with error text. Is there a way to get the images to show up?
    Anthony Aldorasi
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  • Technicians getting error: "A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server"

    Technicians are able to close the web app and relaunch, but this has caused disruptions in our production environment. Is this error not being caught by the application and then reconnecting?
    Colton Zimmerman
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