• Priority and Due Date are not showing up in emails - TrackIT 20.20

    I'm on BUILD:   I modified the Create Ticket business rule to show the default ticket priority I set and the Expected Due Date/Time as well. Neither field is showing up in the email. Let me know what ...
    Chip Mrizek
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  • 'System.OutOfMemoryException' is thrown when closing a very aged/big work order

    Hi All,   I'm using v11.4 and I have an aged work order that I'm unable to close out. Here is the exception I'm getting:   TechnicianClient|TIE1107152|Language|sam|Frameworks.ErrorCode.002   -- No Er...
    Sam Truong
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  • Trending in Track-It! Support: Email Configurations and Troubleshooting

    Track-It! 20.xx allows automatic email conversion to tickets. Some of your users might have trouble using common features in Windows or Microsoft office and we understand that. Trying to train them to use another syst...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • Regenerate Audit.exe Track-It 11.4

    Hi there, Is it possible regenerate Audit.exe when Track-It is already installed?   Since a week, windows shows the next screen when we launch audit.exe: Thank you a lot
    Tania Berlanga
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  • Is there anything that can be used to monitor Job Monitor Settings and Business Rule Event Viewer

    We had an issue today where the business Rule Event viewer queue was backed up to over 800 items.   The Job monitor service was stopped.  We had put in place the fix for hung processes last week however...
    IS Support
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  • Sharing Knowledge

    Anyone running TrackIt 20.20 willing to contact me and share the work they've done so far or help answer questions I've run into with Business Rules?
    NIkol Dishman
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  • Business Rules: Variables does not work in outgoing emails

    Hi,   since last weekend my customer has massivly problems with outgoing eMails (business rule -> send email to user if a new ticket is created)   All variable with {Ticket - xxxxx} does not work anymor...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • how to increase timeout limit in TI 20.xx

    Hi,   how is it possible to increase the timeout limit for named technicians in TI 20.xx? Since there is no option in TI Configuration, the option will be found in ISS settings, I guess.   Any idea? There...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • Is there a way to get inline images to show up in tickets?

    We have it where a user will email our trackit email and it will create a ticket. Anytime a user adds an inline image, it gets removed and replaced with error text. Is there a way to get the images to show up?
    Anthony Aldorasi
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  • Technicians getting error: "A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server"

    Technicians are able to close the web app and relaunch, but this has caused disruptions in our production environment. Is this error not being caught by the application and then reconnecting?
    Colton Zimmerman
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  • CORS Issue with Track-IT 20.19 on same domain

    Hi,   I don't really understand how it is possible, but I have a CORS issue while I'm making my requests on the same domain as the origin.   However, I did add these lines to the web.config file :   &...
    Longines Helpdesk
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  • Error unsupported_grant_type with Track-it 2019 API

    Hi dear,   I have been trying for a while to retrieve the authentication token to connect to the API. To better understand the sending of data to the API, I connected to the Swagger and I looked at the formatti...
    Longines Helpdesk
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  • Scheduled Tickets Days vs. Weeks

    Hi. I am working with a client to scheduled their preventative maintenance tickets. All had been going well for the weekly and monthly tickets. We ran into a snag with the 90 day tickets in that they don't trigger. I ...
    Christine Pimblett
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  • Track-It! 20xx - Send Ticket Attachments automatically with emails

    On Roadmap
    38 votes
    In Track it 11.4 if an email was received with an attachment, track it would send that attachment as part of the new help request notification. I would like this feature in 2018-2019 too. It is help full to see the at...
    Mike Fortier
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  • I am getting a notice of message count

    How do I release these?
    Janna Horn
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  • Business rule gone haywire

    I am not sure what I did wrong but I set up this rule so it would CC the manager instead of the reassignment of the builtin. When this rule was run there were over 3000 emails sent to the tech and I can't figure out w...
    Janna Horn
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  • Reopen a Closed Ticket using a Business Rule

    Already Offered
    1 vote
    Currently it is not possible for a business rule to set the status of a closed ticket back to in-progress when an end user emails TrackIt using the subject format [Ticket-xxxxxx].  It is only possible when the su...
    Paul Arnone
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  • Track-It! 11.4 Service Pack 2 Update is now available

    I am excited to announce the general availability of Track-It! 11.4 Service Pack 2 update.   This update can only be applied for Track-It! and If you have Track-It! 11.4 Service Pack 01 r...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • Trending in Track-It! Support: Setting up multiple scanners with Track-It!

    In this blog i am going to explain how to setup multiple scanners to discover a network that is geographically distributed. You can configure multiple scanners only from the BMC Client Management Console.  The...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • How to upgrade from Track-It! 2019 to the latest version of Track-It! 20.20.x

    Before upgrading to the latest version of Track-It!, please follow the below steps   Download the latest version of Track-It! from the BMC EPD Take a Full Backup of the Track-It! Database using SQL Server Manag...
    Brian Da Silva
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