• Track-It! 2019 Report Wizard Error using the Summary Field / Function

    When creating a report with the Report Wizard in Track-It! 2019 R3, the resulting report seems broken if I include a Summary Field (step 4 in the Define Report Layout section). In this case, this is what I chose in th...
    Ken Soszka
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  • Unexpected Filtering Results on Modified Reports

    We are using Track-It! 2019 BUILD:   I was attempting to modify a canned report to remove the already closed tickets from the results and instead received more results based on the filtering. Not what...
    Kevin Trotman
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  • Help Desk Reports using resolution text

    None of the canned reports in Trackit have the resolution text on the reports.  I exported the file from Trackit, opened in in SAP Crystal reports, but the "resolution" is not in the fields to choose from
    Corina Marshall
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  • Track-It! 20.19.09 Troubleshooting 101:Schedule Jobs for daily intervals

    I wanted to cover a few things on Scheduled Jobs of the daily recurrence pattern in the ticket, reports, and Directory Importer schedulers when the interval is more than 1 day. The GUI of the Scheduler in Track-It! 2...
    Brian Da Silva
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  • Indexing issues post update - 11.2 to 11.4

    Good day,   We updated TrackIt to 11.4 last week in anticipation of migrating to Track-it 2019.   After the update, searching was not working correctly.  I followed instructions I found to recreate th...
    Heidi Farnham
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  • Trackit 2019 reporting - Anyone know of anyone who is an expert in this area?

    We thought reporting was supposed to be easy in this version.  It is not.  Sure, if you just want to export a view, but anything else, forget about it.  We don't have time to deal with this so I'm looki...
    Cathy Grant
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  • Reports - Tickets by Category Full Path

    Is it possible to create a Help Desk report sorted on Tickets by Category Full Path?
    Matt Hackbart
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  • Custom Report Track-It 20.19.02 that shows tickets and assignments

    We are trying to create a custom report that lists tickets with ticket data, as well as the assignment data for each assignment record associated with that ticket.  Our report writer wants to do a join between th...
    Kathy Pauley
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  • How can I create a custom Crystal Report which shows Technician Notes and Resolution in Track-It! 11.4?

    How can I create a custom Crystal Report which shows Technician Notes and Resolution in Track-It! 11.4?
    Vicki Laidlaw
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  • Trackit 11.4 report Total Work Orders opened by month not in 2019

    We migrated from 11.4 to 2019 and there are a number of reports we used in 11.4 no longer in 2019. How do i get the report Total Work Orders Opened by Month into 2019? 2019 doesn't seem to be able to do line graphs. T...
    Jerry Walker
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  • How do I make the 'Computer System Product Name' populate in TrackIT Asset?

    We need to be able to easily see the Computer  Model in Asset.  I can view it BCM, it shows up as the Computer System Product Name, however I need to drill down to find it.  We should be able to add it ...
    Susan Akins
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  • Change date format from US

    We have just migrated from Trackit 11.4 to 2019.3, and since then I have noticed that all date formats are in US, and I am unable to locate where to change this.   This I also believe is part of the issue with o...
    Keith Parker
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  • Trackit 2019 - Assigning a charge to all tickets.

    We have just upgraded from Trackit 11.4 to 2019, and for the most part all is working as it should.  We are however having issues with being able to eficiently assign a cost to tickets to be able to cross charge ...
    Keith Parker
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  • TrackIT 11.4 reports.

    TrackIT 11.4 reports.. is there a report anyone has written to show you machines that are, and aren't ready for a windows 10 upgrade?
    Michael Ross
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  • New Ticket Template: Attaching file.

    I'm in the process of migrating from TrackIT 11.4 to 2019.x. I have a scheduled work order / ticket created at the end of the week automatically that contains an attachment file (DOCX). I'm not seeing an option to add...
    Domenic DiPasquale
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  • Create a filter for a past 24 hours report in Track-it 2019

    I am having issues making a report that is all work order created in the past 24 hours so I can automate.
    richard Lester
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  • Setting date Parameters on a Customized report

    I'm having an issue with adding Parameters to a customized report. We're on 20.19.02   We needed a report to be run monthly that would showed CLOSED tickets ( with close date), by Department and Tech worked and ...
    PBC Support
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  • Report to find Local Administrators group results

         We are trying to define a report that would give us the members that are apart of the local administrators group on our Discovered assets. Any and all help in defining this would be a great. &...
    Drew Thompson
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  • Multiple Filters in a Custom Report

    Has anyone been able to get multiple filters working in a custom report?   I am trying to report on tickets opened by a list of requestors in a date range grouped by the requestor. I can run the report without ...
    Gary Knapp
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  • New to Track-It. On version Trying t search by an asset serial number and the results are showing zero found, even though the SN is in the db. Search documents only show that Asset Name- IP Address- Operating System- Asset ID- Company Asset ID

    New to Track-It. On version Trying to search by an asset serial number and the results are showing zero found, even though the SN is in the db. Search documents only show that Asset Name- IP Address- Opera...
    john rutherford
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