• Bulk Action - Track-It 20.19 - Add Ability to Modify Fields for multiple records at once

    Product Team Review
    20 votes
    Would be great to have the ability to perform actions such as (but not limited to)delete/retire on multiple items at once. It's very frustrating to have to perform the same action on only one item at a time.   F...
    Allpak Administrators
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  • Import Assets and Requestors from CSV file

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    3 votes
    Potential customer just asked me if Track-It is able to manually import assets (monitors, printers) using CSV files. They don't want to use Client Management, they just want import Assets for tracking in Track-It. Th...
    Igor Mihevc
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  • Asset Detail View for Techs

    Im very skeptical right now. Support is advising that the only way a technician can view asset details is to make them an administrator. I have a hard time believing that the developers would code this like this. Tech...
    Sonja Vicchiollo
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  • Tarck-It 2019 Bar code solutions

    I just wanted to verify with the new Track-It 2019, the only way to scan barcodes of physical assets and import them into Asset Management is via the mobile app for Android or IOS with a connection to the network the ...
    Percy McLaughlin
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  • Catalina OS compatibility for Audit

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    2 votes
    Please add Catalina OS compatibility for the Audit client. The current audit client package does not install under the Catalina OS. Please fix this a.s.a.p. as new Apple devices are all coming with the Catalina OS i...
    carlos coronel
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  • Advanced search options

    Product Team Review
    11 votes
    I would like to see a way to filter within a search to find a specific ticket for instance... search for 'keyword' then have a way to search for just one tech where that keyword is associated to (ie. script error, wh...
    Aaron Rice
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  • Auto Discovery of Avaya-based IP Phones only return IP Addresses

    Greetings, I have an Avaya system of IP Phones I am tracking.  I would love for Trackit to be able to collect.  So far, all I have is IP addresses, which causes the auto-inventory discovery system to not al...
    Evan Cutler
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  • Track-It! Inventory 101 - Initiating an Audit

    There are many ways to initiate an Audit of your computer assets.  I break them into two main categories:  those initiated from within Track-It!; and those initiated outside of Track-It!   I break them...
    Keith Scarborough
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  • Can you import asset data into TrackIT from a CSV file?

    We have been using TrackIT 11.x for a long time and are in the process of moving to 2019. I am hoping to take this opportunity to clean out a lot of our user-defined fields and it will help if we can rescan our assets...
    James Alspach
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  • More flexibility with linking POs to Assets

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    1 vote
    This is essentially two requests into one:   IDEA 1: My understanding is that a PO has to be generated, which in turn creates an asset (if selected), and then the Asset Name is changed to match the Asset Name f...
    Richard Rowe
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  • Track-IT 2019 Asset Merge

    Assets discovered on the network are not merging with Assets that have been previously created through the PO or manually added to the system. I am ending up with duplicate asset entries and am unsure how to correct t...
    Sonja Vicchiollo
    created by Sonja Vicchiollo
  • Trackit 20.19 "Asset-Status" ?

      Hi,   what does "Asset-Status" mean and why can't I edit/create new status? OotB I can choose "more...", 'blanc' (see screenshot) and "Production". I have no idea where "Production" came from and if I ...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • How can I delete all assets at the same time?

    I had Network Discovery in Track-It! scanning IP address ranges and it pulled a bunch of stuff that we don't necessary need to track. I have found out how to just scan OUs in Active Directory using the BMC Client Mana...
    Adam Hummer
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  • Scalability - Assets and Ticket Volume

    My company has recently moved to Track-It! 2019 (Specifically we are running Since making the transition and completing configuration, we are seeing repeated performance issues. Errors that force log-outs...
    Matt Klein
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  • Ability to create filters in Asset Management

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    1 vote
    In trackit version 11 I was able to create sub filters for columns as shown below. type/location/department. I would like the new trackit to be able to filter in the same way.  Currently you can only pick the top...
    Pavla Luckham
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  • Ability to duplicate assets more than 1 at a time

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    2 votes
    Previously it was possible to duplicate an asset and it would ask how many to create, now we can only duplicate an asset one at a time.   Would like to have the ability to create more than 1 duplicate of an asse...
    Johan Gouverneur
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  • "Audit Now" fails with error "The network path was not found."

    Hello, I've been having some trouble recently auditing computers with Track-It! 11.4. On some - but not all - Windows machines, selecting "Audit Now" from the Technician Client's inventory module results in a failed ...
    Sean Mawhinney
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  • How do I make the 'Computer System Product Name' populate in TrackIT Asset?

    We need to be able to easily see the Computer  Model in Asset.  I can view it BCM, it shows up as the Computer System Product Name, however I need to drill down to find it.  We should be able to add it ...
    Susan Akins
    last modified by Susan Akins
  • Uninstall BMC Client Management Agent 12.8

    How do you uninstall the BMC Client Management Agent on a Windows computer if it was installed with Network Discovery or installed manually from https://<server>:1610/rollout/ ?  There is no uninstall packa...
    Brian Culliton
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  • Audit Date not updating in Inventory

    Hello, I've encountered an issue auditing Windows machines on Track-It! 11.4 where sometimes, even after multiple successful audits, the "audit date" field for a particular asset in the inventory module remains blank...
    Sean Mawhinney
    last modified by Sean Mawhinney