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I created the mobile WebHelp for Numara Track-It! Mobile (a help desk application for mobile devices), assisted by Greg Simmons, a Track-It! developer.  I entered it in the Florida Technical Communication Competition, and we received an Award of Merit in January, 2012. The award package included a critique of the WebHelp with lots of compliments on the video tutorial and overall format of the mobile WebHelp.


The mobile WebHelp is optimized so that it's easy to read and navigate on small screens.  I recorded a brief video tutorial included in the WebHelp. The mobile WebHelp is designed to be used on a mobile phone, but can be viewed in the various browsers, ideally in Chrome and Safari, but also in Internet Explorer, and Firefox.


The mobile WebHelp text is also localized/translated into four languages: French, German, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.


You can view the mobile WebHelp by logging in to Track-It! Mobile on your mobile device from, click the Help button on the toolbar, then click Table of Contents.   To view the video tutorial, search for "video" from the WebHelp, then select Using Track-It! Mobile Web (Video Tutorial). Select either iPhone/iPad (a Quicktime movie) or Android (.swf).  I narrated the video, but you can click the Sound button to mute the audio.  Note:  If you access the URL from a PC, you won’t be able to see the mobile format.)


We'd be happy to hear what you think about it.



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It's funny how when one door closes, a window seems to open.  I had a previous job as a technical writer for another software company.  During my last year there, in addition to my responsibilities for writing the online help and user guides, I was also given the responsibility of handling support calls.  Taking support calls and attempting to write help topics was beyond my multitasking capabilities.  The most difficult part of the support job was that the previous support person had been tracking the calls in Microsoft Word.  When I took over, I immediately converted the Word docs into Excel, and then to an Access database.  The database worked to an extent, but it didn't have automated tasks like email notifications, and I was getting tired of designing my own reports.  I started searching the Web for some type of software for support calls.  After just a few minutes, one of the search results was the careers page for Intuit, Inc., advertising a technical writer position for their Track-It! product.  They were looking for someone who spoke a foreign language (me) and who could create multimedia tutorials (me again)!  I downloaded a demo of Track-It!, and it was exactly what we needed.  I really liked the people and the company I was working for at the time.  But here was an ideal help desk product, an interesting job that perfectly fit my knowledge and skills, with a well-known company.  I've been here for seven years now (with Numara Software, now BMC).


I'm looking forward to collaborating with our customers through our blogs. It will be great to hear from you.



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