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You must have came across situations where you want to add total, count of record e,g, Purchase Item totals, Cost totals, Number of assignments, etc in your own custom report with in Track-It! 2018.

This is easily possible thru few steps. Attached video explains how to achieve it.

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Track-It! 11.4 Hotfix 3 ( addresses two high severity Security Vulnerabilities.

Track-It! 11.4 Security Vulnerability: unauthorized access thru Track-It! Service components

Exploit published in CVE-2014-4872 was addressed in 11.4 Hotfix 02 ( The new exploit that is specific for 11.4 Hotfix 02 was recently reported. This new exploit can traverse to parent paths of Track-It! server, upload a file and execute code under the IIS user.

The exploit leverages ConfigurationService and FileStorageService services, which allows uploading a file anywhere in the Track-It! server’s file system by means of parent path traversal and execute arbitrary code via a .NET Remoting request to (1) FileStorageService or (2) ConfigurationService


More details on this vulnerability can be found in Track-It! knowledge base here:

We have reviewed and prioritized the issue as High (1). We highly recommend that you apply the 11.4 Hotfix 3 cumulative patch.


These vulnerabilities are addressed in Track-It! 11.4 Hotfix 3 (

This Track-It! product updates are available in “Product Downloads” section on

Download Instructions:

Please refer to instructions on Electronic Product Download - to know more about how to get your product, patches and documentation downloads.

Should you still wish to contact support regarding this issue, please reference TL1069845 & TL1069846

This security Vulnerability was found & reported by “Pedro Riberio working with Beyond Security's SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program”

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