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Welcome to the Track-It! IT Mobile App blog

The Track-It! mobile app is an enterprise-class app that provides your users with instant access to your company’s Help desk data from a phone or tablet. Here are some of the reasons why the app is so awesome.

  • The mobile app is free to use for every Track-It! customer. Yup, you heard us correctly—it’s free.
  • The app is plug-and-play, which means users just download it from the App Store® or Google Play™— and go. It works out of the box with no setup required. It’s lightning fast—seriously.
  • The app is cross platform, so it runs on Android and iOS operating systems. Like, automatically—without you having to do any development work.

The Track-It! Mobile App assists help desk personnel in providing quality service to their internal and external customers.

The mobile application provides helpdesk technicians access to Track-It! to review assigned requests, submit requests, and update requests. This also enables technicians to search through the knowledge base to find out solutions for issues being reported.

The Track-It! Mobile App supports limited functionality for the following Track-It! modules:

  • Asset
  • Assignment
  • Search
  • Tickets


How to Get the Track-It! Mobile App:


Check the Requirements

Always run the mobile app on a device that meets minimum platform requirements Be aware that the requirements are subject to change.

Download the App

If you have an Android or iOS device that meets the minimum requirements, you can use the downloadable Track-It! mobile app available from the App Store or Google Play.

Choose Your Working Environment

When you install the Track-It! mobile app, you will need to enter your production org Track-It! Server URL. You can also connect to the development environment by changing the same Server URL.

Screenshot_2020-05-26-17-26-24-593_com.bmc.trackIt (002).jpg

Next, you can login with your Windows NT account or Track-It! defined credentials.

Screenshot_2020-05-26-17-27-07-393_com.bmc.trackIt.jpgSo let's get started with the Track-It! Mobile App specially during these Covid-19 crisis where most of our IT HelpDesk technicians are working from home or remotely. Use my previous blog to Trending in Track-It! Support: Allowing Remote Users access to Track-It! Websites to allow public access to the remote users. Then use the Track-It! Mobile App to seemingly create, update tickets and also scan and add assets remotely.



Track-It! Mobile App requirements

Track-It! Mobile App updates

Using the Mobile App: For technicians