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In this blog i am going to explain how to setup multiple scanners to discover a network that is geographically distributed. You can configure multiple scanners only from the BMC Client Management Console. 

The purpose of this blog is to simply the process of setting up Multiple Scanners in Track-It!. For a small to medium size company, the default Master Scanner should be enough to scan the entire network. However for largely distributed environments where the offices are located in multiple locations, multiple scanners will be needed.


When you install Track-It!, you can choose to install BMC Client Management along with Track-It! on the same server. You can also separately configure the BMC Client Management instance that is already in use. The BMC Client Management master server that is configured in Track-It! is set up as the default scanner. All scanners configured in BMC Client Management are displayed on the Network Discovery page.To configure the default master scanner click here for details.


Here is how to do it correctly.


Step 1:

Accessing the BCM Console.

Launch the BCM Console by browsing the URL: https://<servername>:1611/console. See Logging on to console - Documentation for BMC Client Management 12.8 - BMC Documentation


Step 2:

Add a existing device as a scanner. Note that this device must already be Discovered by the Master Scanner and the BCM Agent must be installed on that device.


To define a device as a scanner,

  1. Select the Asset Discovery node and then go to the Scanners node in the left window pane.
  2. Click Edit > Add Device .
    The Add a Scanner pop-up menu displays displaying the list of all devices, that can be a scanner because of their operating system.
  3. Select the device to be added from one of the list boxes.
  4. Click OK to confirm and close the window.

The device will be added to the table of Scanners and its configuration parameter will be updated.


Step 3:

Add the target list to the Scanner.

To add a target to a target list proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Asset Discovery node and then go to Targets node in the left window pane.
  2. Click Edit > Create New Target List. In the pop-up window enter the name of the Target List and save it.
  3. Click the Target list in the left window pane and select the Targets Tab in the right window pane.
  4. Right-click in the right window pane under the Targets tab and select Add Members.
  5. Add the IP Address Range here.


Step 4:

Define the Scan configuration and select the target list.

  1. Right -Click the Assigned Scans node under the newly created scanner. Select Asset Discovery Wizard.
  2. In the Asset Discovery Wizard, Discovery Type as 'Configurable'.
  3. In the Configurable Discovery page, select 'Other Scanner', 'Create a new scan configuration','use an existing Target'.
  4. Next enter the Scan name.
  5. Select the Active Protocols and add the necessary credentials.
  6. Next in the Target List, select the newly created Target List and hit finish.

For more details about this configuration see Configuring and running an asset discovery scan of a specific part of your network - Documentation for BMC Client Manage…


At this point we have created and configured the second scanner in the BCM console. You can create multiple scanners like this from the BMC Client Management console.

Now you can initiate the Network Discovery scan from the BCM console itself. See Managing asset discovery scans - Documentation for BMC Client Management 12.8 - BMC Documentation


Once the Assets have been discovered from the newly created scanner, perform an Asset Sync from the Track-It! Application. Watch the below Video.


If you have problems with or questions about the configuration of multiple scanners with Track-It!, contact support team at