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Based on the initial success of the Production Beta Program for Track-It! 2017, we have decided to open the door for a limited number of additional participants. This program gives you the opportunity to migrate to the new Track-It! Beta platform before it is available to the general public. Not only will you be able to take advantage of new features and functionality, you will also have the opportunity to directly interact with our development and product management leaders, as well as take advantage of our Production Beta Concierge Support service which provides access to dedicated support engineers, product management and developers for any issues or questions that arise during your implementation.


Check out what other Beta customers are saying:


• I much prefer the new Track-It! because it is entirely web based, no thick client to install, it seems more responsive than 11.4, configuration seems more straight-forward compared to the Admin Console in 11.4 and the Business Rules engine presents a huge opportunity for better automation...


• I would encourage new customers to migrate and provide feedback along the way… what’s working? What isn’t? What features are you looking for? It is a great product and it’s going to get better, I’m certain.


• My team noticed performance is better than the thick client, I am thinking it is due to how it is coded or the database is configured.


• Only a few folks are running Beta so I feel the attention we get is greater than if we waited until the general release.


This offer is only available to Track-It! customers with an active support contract with BMC. So far, the only modules that are ready for testing are the Help Desk, Solutions and Self Service modules and their supporting features like Business Rules, SLAs and Directory Importer.


If this matches the way you currently use Track-It! and you are interested in making the jump to the new platform early, please email to request an invite to the Production Beta program.


If you use other modules besides these, don't worry, we are actively working on adding those to the platform and will have more Beta opportunities to try out those new modules when they become available.