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This reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, Elf.


In one of the early scenes of the movie, Santa returns from his journey delivering presents for Christmas and announces to the elves that their hard work has paid off and made Christmas a great success. This of course is followed by cheers from all the elves. He then goes on to say its time to start getting for next Christmas which results in even more cheering.


Even though it seems Engage 2015 just ended, it's already time to start planning for Engage 2016. The Engage team has put out the call for topics/papers in the blog post below and we need your help.


If you have ideas for topics you would like to share or you would like to see shared at Engage 2016, please submit them for consideration. If you are chosen as a presenter at Engage 2016, you will receive free conference admission!